3 Easy, On-The-Go Snacks!

Hi, friends! Writing to you today from the couch because I needed a change of scenery. (From the kitchen table? Lol.)

Today as I write this, Wex just had his nuetering surgery! I. Was. A Wreck. That puppy is my BABY, and dropping him off this morning was the saddest thing. I lost it and got choked up and made Cam finish check-in while I took some deep breaths by the parakeets. I couldn’t even look at Wexy, I just hated leaving him 😭

Anyway – good news is Wex is done and everything went well! We’re probably leaving here soon to pick him up, but I wanted to squeeze in some work, so here we are.

I’ve been wanting to write this post forever, but now with school in full swing for a lot of people (or work) I know this post is a necessity.

Snacks. Are. Life. You guys! 👏

Snacks are brain food, chase your kids around the house food, get through all your meetings without getting hangry food, and I am the gal that always has snacks in her bag. (Proof here.)

Honestly, I think the main reason people get hangry or don’t feel great because they’re skipping snacks is because they either A) are too busy to remember to grab a snack or B) can’t find something that is easy to take with them on-the-go that also tastes good. (No thanks, chalky protein bars!)

Well, it definitely all starts with grocery shopping and getting items that you can build lots of different snack combos with.

Here’s what I buy on a weekly basis to compile into satisfying snacks that are good for home or out and about:

Bananas (to eat with nut butter or in smoothies)

Some kind of fruit that’s in season (i.e. oranges, apples, peaches, melon)


Cheese (sometimes deli meat, too! i.e. turkey or pepperoni slices)

Chips and/or crackers (i.e. Wheat Thins, Sunchips, Popcorn)

Veggies you can dip or add to meals (i.e. bell pepper, carrot, cucumber)

Granola bars (for when I really need something all-in-one and on the go… I like Kind Bars!)

*And then I will usually make one baked good on the weekend to snack on during the week! I often have most baking stuff on hand (i.e. whole wheat flour, coconut flakes, milk, sugar(s), etc.) and I love to make banana bread, mini pumpkin muffins, energy bites, or homemade granola!

Once you’ve done the shopping, you’re pretty much halfway there. Just having a variety of foods to fill up your pantry and fridge will make it a ton easier to have snacks on hand to curb hunger and keep you focused on the task at hand…even if it’s just a Netflix show you’re watching 🙂

Other snacks I didn’t mention because I don’t usually buy, but would be good and versatile would be: nuts, trail mix, nut butter, cereals, fruit snacks…it’s really about what you like to eat and what will satisfy you!

On the topic of satisfaction, I like to make sure I eat snacks that cover the main food groups for satiation: protein and carbs! And if fats and fiber are thrown in there, that’s awesome, too!

Here are some examples:

Instead of having just a yogurt cup (protein), I’ll add in cereal (carb)

With crackers or chips (carb) I’ll have a bit of cheese or turkey slices (protein) and also some fruit because I love fruit! (fiber)

When I make a smoothie for a snack, I’ll be sure to add a protein source such as whole milk, yogurt, peanut butter, or a powder, and then I sometimes even top with a bit of cereal (carb).

I learned this in #EDRecovery and it was a really wholesome way to approach choosing food that makes sure you’re getting everything you need without having to fixate on portion sizes or calories. (You don’t need that crap!)

So I’ll share my top 3 today. These are all snacks that you can totally eat in the car while running errands or at your desk. (Because trust me, I’ve done it all!)

Some cheese + chip or cracker + fruit/veggie!

This is the most customizable, so I’ll start here. You can swap out for your favorite cheese or meat and then add in your preferred crunch factor. This particular day and week, I had cantaloupe and cucumber (super refreshing and good combo!) and my favorite cheese, Cabot sharp white cheddar. Also had remembered how good the garden salsa Sunchips are 🙌

Also, tip – get some reusable baggies! I love Stasher or ReZip bags. Worth the investment!

Yogurt + Cereal

This is my go-to morning snack. It’s tasty and also pretty customizable. If you’re taking it on-the-go to eat later, you just need a fridge at your office, but I figure most places have one! Definitely a little harder to eat in the car, but hey – I’ve eaten many a yogurt cup while parked in the parking lot before.

I usually just get store brand (love Trader Joe’s) plain whole milk yogurt and add my own honey, but this particular week, I bought a few of the noosa yogurts. I tried these recently at our local coffee shop and holy crap – taste like Adult trix yogurt….sooooo delish. I top with pumpkin spice cheerios because that’s the cereal I have on hand right now 🙂

Snack Smoothie

didn’t have a picture of my smoothie, but this is my favorite homemade celery juice! tutorial on my “food” highlight on insta

I love a snack smoothie. Even in the wintertime, you’ll catch me making them! My perfect mix is 1/2 a frozen banana, a big pile of frozen berries, a big handful of spinach, a big dollop of plain yogurt, and maybe like 1/2 a cup of almond milk? I also always squeeze honey in there because I find that a drizzle makes the sweetness level just right.

And that’s it! I have a couple reusable cups I really like to use. Smoothies were my go-to for long meetings at work because with them in a reusable cup, everyone just assumed it was coffee, yet I would not get hangry while going over ROIs 🙌

Let me know what your go-to snack items are or if you’ll try any of these!