(sick) day in the life

I got whatever it is that is going around. Honestly, I’m giving my immune system a huge pat on the back because I really made it pretty far into allergy season before officially getting sick. And getting sick happens. Trying to remind myself that I’m not invincible and no one feels 100% every single day.

During some quiet morning time, I was reading a bunch of Kylie’s Day in the Life posts and thought I’d really like to make my own. They are fun to write and read, and I feel like when I do blog, I need something easy and light like these!

Thursday I slept in because I already knew I wasn’t going in to work. I had started running fever the day before. I literally felt it hit me during the last meeting of my day. I’ve noticed that ever since eating disorder recovery, I am so much more in-tune with my body. Because I’m generally healthy, it’s more noticeable when something is off. (As opposed to just feeling low energy, achey, and blah all the time in my ED.)

So on Wednesday, I could feel the heat of a fever come on, with those classic aches and chills around 3 PM. Ducked out of work a few minutes early, came home, had snacks and hydrated, and watched the first few episodes of Selling Sunset on Netflix. (Love.) Later, Cam, Wex, and I went to my Dad’s for dinner and Angela made everyone and Indian food feast. Also, she bequeathed Sofia’s (their dog) old crate/pen thing to us for Wex!! He hung out in it while we ate dinner and loved it. I think he just has more room and is more comfy in there. That is going to make a huge difference in his crate training! Especially at night. So woo!!

And if you’re like “Who’s Wex?!?!” This is Wex 🙂 Our new puppy!

Despite a great evening, I checked my temp by the end of it cuz I was starting to feel worse and it was 100.3 🙁

So off to bed and no work for me in the morning….

Today I got up right after Cam left. I went in the hall by our laundry nook where Wex sleeps and got him out of his house, and we went outside. I spent the next hour coaxing Wex to play with his toys instead of my clothes or my fingers, doing my devotional and morning journaling, and eating breakfast.

I had just taken a dose of Tylenol + Flonase + Cepacol, so I went to HEB and grabbed some groceries because for some reason we were running low on all the staples. (Eggs + bread + peanut butter + shampoo + meat + cheese.)

When I got home, I started checking my email and getting a couple tasks done for work. Then, I pruned one of my plants. This one has been the hardest to take care of – most of the leaves go yellow each week and then I prune and start over. I’m thinking it needs a bigger pot. Any tips?

Wex was napping at this point which means I can actually leave whatever room he’s in for a moment to get things done. (It is really like having a baby.) I cut up some cantaloupe for a snack and loaded the dishwasher.

Wex alternates throughout the day between playing and sleeping 🙂

I planned out meals for the next week using one of my cookbooks a friend gifted me and just some recipes in our rotation that sounded good. Going with these three for next week: chili-lime chicken in the IP***, easiest taco soup, and fries + salmon (and then some other protein for Cam because he doesn’t do fish.)

***I don’t use Paleo ingredients for this recipe because why? I don’t need to eat paleo. Lol. I use soy sauce, regular chicken broth, and whatever honey I have. If you’re practicing moving away from more rigid, disordered eating, know that you can make paleo, vegan,  low-carb recipes into regular, yummy, nutritious, and satiating meals 🙂

By this time, my sister had come over and was studying, so I decided to take a shower since Wex could be supervised. There is nothing like a shower when you haven’t been able to take one for a bit, lol. I also had new shampoo and conditioner, so that made this feel extra luxurious. These smell amazing! (Yes – I buy hair products based of smell.)

I made lunch for myself: 1/2 ham and cheese sandwich, slab of blueberry banana bread I had stashed in the freezer + side salad.

By this point, I started to feel a little blah again with a headache and general ickiness from whatever this is, so I went in my room for a nap…..and brought Wex with me even though we aren’t letting him on the bed normally 🙂

He slept next to me for like 30 minutes and then I woke up to him snuggling up right on my arm! We slept for like an hour total and then I got up and went to get a snack while he slept a while longer. (Puppies sleep so much! But when they’re awake…they’re AWAKE. Haha!)

For a snack, I had graham cracker with peanut butter. This was my night snack for MONTHSSSS in recovery. Honestly, I can barely eat it now because I ate it so much, but today it sounded good.

Followed up with a popsicle. I asked Cam to grab these from the store the night before. Pro tip: be with someone who you can give vague instructions to for snacks and they nail it every time with little direction. One of my fondest memories with Cam is when we once were on a road trip and I needed a snack when we stopped for gas and all Cam asked was “salty or sweet?” and when I could barely decide, he came back with Sweet N Salty Chex Mix! So anyway, these are just store brand strawberry fruit popsicles with some real strawberry pieces inside.

Did some more work, watched more Selling Sunset, let Wex nap on me, put dinner in the Instant Pot, etc.

Around 5:30, my sister’s friend Hayleigh came over to practice some wedding makeup on me! She’s super talented and funny! We all gathered in our room while Hayleigh did my makeup. Wex and Cam watched from the bed and provided chips for snacks 🙂 I didn’t get any pictures on my phone, but I loved how it turned out! We’re going to keep playing around with different shadows and shades over the next couple of months.

While we were finishing up, Cam plated dinner for us. The Instant Pot had shredded BBQ pork that was DELISH. I followed this recipe, but used boneless pork loin because that seemed easier. (Also, I didn’t do the last step after the IP is done pressure cooking. Just shredded it because #KeepItSimpleStupid.) Cam put it on burger buns and served with side salad. (And I took a picture like 60% of the way through haha.)

After dinner, we went for a drive and stopped by my parents’ house to say hi. Then home for bed and puppy snuggles 🙂 Wex slept through the whole night for the first time!!

Not a bad sick day at all. And I finally broke out of my fever and felt a little better. I hope your weekend is cold/virus/flu/allergy-free! (Or at least you just do some cozy, fun stuff with allergies, haha.)