Fall Home Decor Under $15

It may only be Tuesday, Wednesday, (oops) and I don’t know about you, but I think ALL the fall things make every week a little happier.

For example, studying in my room for hours on end is blah. But studying with my favorite fall playlist, fall candles lit, and caramel popcorn from Hill City? Ok, that’s a little better.

I was admiring how fall-ified my room has become the other day and I honestly thought, “I totally don’t regret those couple impulse buys at Michael’s and Target over the past couple years.” During fall time, it’s just hard not to pick up a cute pumpkin here or there or a really great smelling candle.

I’m really into home and room decor, so I thought if your study and sleeping space needs a little pick me up, I’d share some decor items under $15. I know we college gals don’t have a budget to fill up 2 whole carts full of witch’s hats and smiling pumpkin ceramics at HomeGoods, but we still want a festive little space!

I especially found this to be true when living in a dorm room. The space can be a little bland, but an instant boost is to decorate for the season! And then once fall is over (say it ain’t so) you can put everything in a box and store it in your closet for next year!

I hope you’ve been checking some fall things off your bucket list. This weekend, Cam and I went to the farmers market and sampled some amazing pumpkin cream and dark chocolate almond butter! I’m hoping this coming weekend we can paint pumpkins and maybe find some stuff for Cam to decorate his office cubicle with for Halloween! And I really want to try the maple pecan latte at Starbucks. Too basic? Haha.

Anyway, check out these steals:




I hope your week is fall-tastic! If you’re feeling stressed or down, light your fall candles, make a cup of something cozy, and listen to some fall tunes. I promise it helps!