My Skin Care Routine

I’ve gotten several requests via Instagram to share my skin care routine, and since I don’t think I’ve shared my routine in almost a year, I thought “well lezzz do this!!!”

I’m gonna be frank: not much has changed. I’m actually still using BioClarity’s system after working with them for this post.

What has changed: BioClarity got a new look and a new formulation! This post isn’t sponsored by them, I just seriously love this stuff for my skin, and find it totally affordable.

I feel like in the blogging realm, there are a lot of well-known bloggers posting what’s in their medicine cabinets and what skin care products are their favorites, and I’ll be the first to admit I LOVE those posts because I’m all about da skin care. (And not really so crazy about the make-up…haven’t worn face make-up in a couple years!)

But I always get kinda let down on those posts when I click on the mosturizer Blogger A swears by and it costs more than one of my textbooks. And that tiny, itty bitty bottle of serum that Blogger B says is her secret weapon? It’s a month’s worth of lattes and barely the size of a sugar packet.

Whomp, whomp.

I mean, I believe those ladies – that stuff must be really good! And maybe when I have a full time job or just a bulkier savings account, I could splurge on a little TLC for my skin.

Right now? I’m on a budget and a serious time crunch.

In the morning, I need a skin care routine that lasts only about as long as “Look What You Made Me Do” because that’s what I’m normally dancing to, and at night, the routine can’t be too long either because I’m pretty much fighting sleep by 8:30 and cannot be bothered to turn my bathroom into a facial bar.

Know what I mean ladies?!

Ok, so that’s all to say that that’s why I’ve been sticking with my BioClarity routine. I also like that I don’t have to shop around for the different products: a good cleanser, a good serum, a great moisturizer, etc. They just all come to me in one order and I am good to go!

This is what my routine looks like with BioClarity:

Step 1 – green tea and chamomile cleanser

Ya know a cleanser is GOOD when your face feels tingly fresh afterwards! Totally get that vibe here, and I’ve been seeing an improvement in my redness in using this…it’s very calming!

Step 2 – acne treatment gel 

I put a little bit of this on my “trouble spots” and then follow up with my dermatologist prescription!

An important note here is that I am on prescription Epiduo for acne. This is nothing new as I’ve used it for the past 2 and a half years since getting off of Accutane in the winter of my freshman year of college. I had tried Epiduo back when I was about 15 and it didn’t help because I honestly think my acne was just hormonally severe..if that makes sense. While Accutane was a huge pain in the butt, it worked quickly for me after 4 months, and now I just use the Epiduo to ensure that I keep those pesky breakouts at bay.

Step 3 – restore with the Floralux gel 

letting that chlorophyll work it’s MAGICCCCC. This has helped my microdermabrasion so well!

Step 4 – skin smoothie 

I love this more than oily moisturizers! I have combo skin, but it has a tendency to get super oily if I’ve used moisturizer. Which sucks because I really need the moisturizer because my skin is super dry without it. Makes me stuck in a hard place haha. To be dry or to be oily? Those were my only options until BioClarity came out with their skin smoothie and sent it to me! I like it better than my Cera Ve lotion I had been using, which is realllyyy saying something because that was my favorite!


A note on face masks…

I usually do a face mask once or twice a week. I used to use this one that I think is pretty affordable for the amount you get, but I ran out, and now I’ve just been using those $2 sheet masks from the grocery store. I like hydrating ones! My skin doesn’t really need any serious help from face masks, so I can get away with spending some pocket change and just kinda doing them for a fun, relaxing self-care activity.

And that’s my skin care routine, folks! What’s yours? I don’t mind trying new things here and there, so let me know!