New Home Decor Additions + A Wishlist

Is it normal to nest right before your….wedding? Ha! But in all seriousness, now that all boxes have been unpacked and we are settled in to life in Austin, we’ve been moving things around and thinking about little areas we can decorate more in our new apartment.

I am team “I love this apartment SO much more than our last one! Two stories! Hard wood floors in the living room! A designated dining space! A bigger, nicer kitchen!” But Cam thinks it’s a wash haha. He thinks we’ve got some trade-offs from our old apartment and ultimately thinks of them equally. Our old apartment was on the first floor and we could easily take Wex out to the grassy patch to do his business, and here we are on the second floor and everything around us is concrete. (However, there is a dog park at the end of the street!) And Cam likes the one story because there’s less of you getting all comfy in bed and then realizing you left something downstairs….I guess I see his point!

Well, I love our new place. I feel like it is definitely a typical “second apartment” and it does feel nicer and more homey than our first with two floors and those hardwoods in the living room. It just feels sophisticated to me!

We have a lot of essentials since we’ve been living together for almost a year and we both came into living together with a decent amount of essentials from college (plates, pots, pans, furniture, etc.), but I have been eyeing a lot of really fun decor pieces lately! A few of these are on our registry…or their were and some sweet friends bought us them for my bridal shower! (Literally so cute and still not over it 😭😍)

It’s the family that makes a house a home, but to make that home … home-y… you gotta have the cozy decor. For you, that may be a salt lamp or essential oils machine, it may be allllll the comfy blankets and pillows, or it may be antique art that you thrifted. I don’t know how to describe our style, but it’s a mash-up of pre-loved knick knacks with character and cozy modern pieces.

Throwing together a few of those special pieces that I am loving right now – just one of these could add some novelty and fun to your home and just up the vibration of your space. But ultimately, invite your people over, have some wine and/or ice cream, and just be – you’ll feel the homey vibes right away when you’re with your people!

1 // I am really lusting after a big basket like this one. I think it’s something so simple that can bring a lot of joy to a space. I’d most likely use this for extra blankets. With fall around the corner (even if Texas will be late to the party) I want to cozy up our space a bit more!

2 // My sisters and step mom got me this as a shower present! I put it on my registry because I felt like the only person in the world without a bluetooth speaker, haha. I have an Amazon Alexa, but this one is waterproof and portable so I can bring it to the lake, road trips (like my bachelorette next weekend!), and events. I’m also really digging the minimal look of this color!

3 // Wex is not quite out of his “chew everything” stage, but when he does outgrow it, I’m getting throw pillows gosh dang it! I love this green hue – it’s cozy and gender neutral. I’m sure Cam wouldn’t care if I threw in a coral pink pillow in there, but this is something I know we’d both like the look of.

4 // Another gift my amazing sisters and step mom got me was THIS DUTCH OVEN!!!! My dream! Fun fact: every year on my birthday I write a list of things I want to accomplish, such as 23 things for year 23! When I was 21 I wrote that I wanted to learn how to cook something in a dutch oven, and while I’m 2 years late, I now have a gorgeous one and I’m excited to put this baby to use! Actually making this veggie packed jambalaya tonight and I am stoked.

5 // I really want a cake stand to display my baked goods! Most weeks, I bake something for Cam and I to snack on, and I think it would be so cute to display with this. We’re also starting to rotate with our friends to host football watch parties, so this could be cute for entertaining if I make some themed cupcakes or something!

6 // My sweet friend Jacqueline got me this gold flatware set off my registry, and let’s just say I never want to eat with regular silverware again!!! It’s adorable.

7 // My old boss and forever friend, Megan, got me this boho dream of a table runner from Anthropologie. I’ve wanted one since I moved into my first big girl apartment 3 years ago, and my dreams have come true! It really livened up the dining room, and it’s so cute to look at.

8 // I like big cutting boards and I cannot lie. But seriously – so useful as you can prepare a big veggie soup with tons of components using this or you can use it as a cheese/snack tray when you have guests over. My bridesmaid, Katrina, knows me so well!