5 Amazing Designer Sunglass Dupes

Raise your hand if you’re a total sunglasses person!

Sunglasses have always been one of my favorite accessories because hey – let’s call it like it is. Some days I’m feeling lazy and I almost never do my brows, so sunglasses really pull my look together and make me look chic and collected.

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I want the designer sunglass look for less. I don’t have $300 laying around to spend on something I wear so I don’t squint while driving or so that I feel less awkward taking selfies in. No ma’am.

I took it upon myself to do a little searching for some great designer sunglass dupes!

Dior Sunglass Dupes

I’m starting with these since they are the hottest pair out there right now! The Dior sunglasses in this futuristic-fun shape retail (depending on the style and make) for as high as $600. (Anyone else feel queasy reading that price tag?!) Before you commit to such a large splurge, try out a lightweight plastic version for a sliver of the cost.


J-Crew Sunglass Dupes

I’m a huge fan of the new J-Crew sunglass line! When I’m ready to splurge, I’d love a pair of the Tortoiseshell Betty glasses or some blush pink Ryan’s. For now, if you’re ballin’ on a budget like me, try a dupe with the exact same gorgeous rose gold tone!


Karen Walker sunglass dupes

What I adore about the Karen Walker’s is that they’re dramatic and glamourous. They’re exactly what you want after a night when you watched too much Netflix, danced on too many tables, or maybe just skimped on your firming eye cream. Try a similar shape and style for a fraction of the cost to hide all sins.

Round sunglass dupes
Speaking of totally hot right now – have you tried the round lens trend? I haven’t been bold enough to go totally Ozzy Osbourne with my eyeware, but if you’re feeling it I really recommend trying out an inexpensive option first before committing to the splurge.

Classic Aviator sunglass dupes
You know them and love them. Honestly, this is the style I keep repurchasing time and time again! For me, they look best on my face shape and pair well with any outfit. Since I’m constantly sitting on them or loosing them to a huge wave at the beach, I like to keep it simple and not spend too much. After all – gotta save up for when you want to splurge!

Which sunglass dupes are your favorite?