31 Things To Do If You’re Not a Halloween Person

I’m bringing it back.

things to do for halloween 2016


Bringing what back you may ask? Well, for the 2nd year in a row here on the blog, I’m sharing my 31 Things To Do If You’re Not a Halloween Person. (And now you’re like, “Duh. I read the title.”)

What started out as a fun little post last year spun into a huge conversation about how there are so many of us who are just NOT Halloween people! Don’t get me wrong, I used to prance up and down the culdesac in my perfect costume that I spent months planning and shopping around for. I counted all my lollipops and snuck 5 pieces of candy after dinner when my mom said I could only have 2. I was a Halloween-loving kid.

Now that I’m past trick-or-treating age and into the age of “I really need to write this research paper rather than figure out what to do on the 31st”, I have to improvise. I hate to have total FOMO that I’m not celebrating a major American holiday.

So if you’re like me and want to spend this upcoming Monday night celebrating in your own special fashion, keep reading.

  1. Watch scary movies
  2. Watch movies that are totally not scary, in opposition of all scary movies (Zootopia is on Netflix now.)
  3. Watch your favorite Halloween episodes of your favorite TV shows (i.e. The Office, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl)
  4. Bake those cute little pumpkin and ghost cookies
  5. Carve pumpkins
  6. Paint pumpkins
  7. Start decorating for Christmas and listen to Christmas music
  8. Get ahead on homework (haha, sorry, had to throw this one in there)
  9. Go out to dinner with friends
  10. Stay home, build a fort with your roommates, and watch your favorite movie
  11. Clean your whole house and tell people you were making sure there were no ghosts
  12. Stay home and watch the Ghostbusters marathon on TV
  13. Hand out candy for the little trick-or-treaters
  14. Get with another non-Halloween person friend and have an at-home spa night
  15. Go to the gym and find a Halloween themed workout (Blogilates has a great one!)
  16. Watch endless Youtube videos with Halloween makeup and Snapchat your entire friend’s list
  17. Shop online for Christmas presents and start making your To-Give and To-Get list
  18. Online shop for your Thanksgiving Day outfit. (Flowy dresses and comfy scarves for all the food you’re gonna eat and the awesome nap you’ll take afterwards.)
  19. Take my reader survey! (Haha…hey, it’s a way to kill 10 minutes!)
  20. Take Halloween themed Buzzfeed quizzes
  21. Have a Pinterest pinning sesh. Maybe look for some Thanksgiving recipes or figure out what to do for a white elephant gift exchange.
  22. Call your grandma; we all never do this enough.
  23. Go buy some of the candy that went on sale.
  24. Create a fall or winter mood board by cutting out pictures from your favorite magazines and printing pictures from your Pinterest feed!
  25. Design your own Christmas cards online….it’s never too early!
  26. Go to your local animal shelter and volunteer. Most people don’t come buy on holidays and the puppies and kitties still want some love!
  27. Go to a Halloween themed workout class like Zumba or spinning
  28. Take a hot bath with bubbles and candles while you enjoy some Halloween candy or cookies
  29. Shop online for fall/winter clothes since a lot of stores will have some kind of sale for Halloween
  30. Make Smores on the stove or in the microwave (recipe here)
  31. Check out the fun Halloween Snapchat filters and then go to bed early with no shame. (#me)


What are your plans for Halloween? Add me on Snapchat (cristina.snaps) to see what I end up doing!