10 New Things to Try This Weekend

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I always get so pumped on Fridays! An early morning run and few hours of sitting at my computer stand between me and the weekend, and the weekend means sleeping in, time off with Cam, and fun new places to try out!

I originally had drafted up a post about date ideas, but I didn’t want someone who came across the post to feel like it didn’t apply to them if they didn’t have a significant other! All of my top picks for some fun outings can apply to you and your man or you and your sister, BFF, mom, etc!

I’ve always found it important to find new things to do in your area because you never know when you’re going to have a hard week at work or you’ll just want to get out and try something new. I always preach the importance of being a tourist in your own city because no matter how small you can always find fun and free things to do.

Go to a free art event

It’s as simple as doing a Google search for “free art museums near me” or just driving into town to see if there are any walls or murals you haven’t gotten an Instagram of yet. In Arkansas, Cam and I went to the Crystal Bridges museum (free general admission) at least 4 times over the 2 years we were there! Houston definitely does not disappoint with it’s art. It’s always fun to grab some brunch and then walk around admiring some gorgeous talent!

Go for a walk in a new spot 

Drive to a cute neighborhood or drive downtown and then park and take a walk! The most you’ll spend is some spare change to feed the parking meter and you can enjoy the weekend air. Try and navigate your walk so that you go by some type of coffee or drink place that you’ve never tried before. Spend a couple bucks on an iced coffee or sweet snack to have as you wander around.

Cook a new meal at home

The best way to save money is to cook at home! I love doing this with my family and Cam. Sometimes, we have 8-10 people over at my house and everyone is in the kitchen getting their hands dirty and having a ball mixing up something new. For inspiration, visit my recipes board on Pinterest.

Go through your closet

I love deep cleaning on a weekend! Anyone else?! Purge your closet and then go take your giant bags full of old clothes to Goodwill. Spend some time there (or at another consignment shop like Buffalo Exchange in Houston) wandering through other people’s pre-loved items. I’m trying to find some used apartment decor, so thrifting is definitely an activity I like as of late!

Do an unusual workout

On the weekends, the last thing I want to do is go to the gym. I really don’t make it a priority to work out over the weekends, I just love to relax and be with loved ones. However, every now and then it’s fun to find an unusual source of exercise like going to a trampoline park or going hiking!


Giving back to your community is the best way to fill your heart and replenish your soul over the weekend! (Or whenever, really.) Cam and I used to walk the dogs at the animal shelter back in Fayetteville. Also, when I was in high school, I gained service hours by volunteering at Buddy Runs for down syndrome and I bagged sack lunches for the homeless. Just google “volunteer opportunities near me”. Fun to do with family or friends!

We have a couple vlogs at the animal shelter with the cute doggies, and you can watch those here! 

Have a picnic brunch

I’ve been wanting to do this for so long and haven’t yet! I think the last time I went on a picnic was when I was 4 and my baby sister dropped her sippy cup in the river. (I have a crazy memory, haha!) It’s pretty hot here, but if it’s nice where you are, take your Sunday brunch plans outside!

Do a digital detox

I try not to obsessively check my email over the weekend and I typically stay off social media unless I have a picture to post on Instagram really fast! If you can’t completely step away because of work reasons, just limit yourself to checking your email twice a day and only respond to anything that is time sensitive! I always have notifications turned off so I’m not checking every snapchat, tweet, and comment.

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Have a spa night

Can I please do this every night? I just think this is such a fun activity to do by yourself, with your friends/sisters, or (if you can talk him into it) your boyfriend! To keep it budget friendly, get these peel off masks from Target and for snacks do something simple like tear and bake cookies. If you’re doing it with a couple friends, have everybody bring all the nail polishes they own so everyone can share and you don’t have to go buy any.

Print out pictures and make a DIY with them! 

My freshman year of college, I was bored one weekend and printed out over 100 photos at CVS! I then went to Target and got some twine and clothes pins and made a photo garland with all of them. You could make a scrapbook, display a photo wall in your bedroom, or frame the pictures individually to display around your house. This is a fun activity to do with your significant other if you want to hang on to all those fun memories!

What are your weekend plans?