What To Pack For a Beach Vacation

Fun fact: I was born in sunny Florida and was in the water before I could walk! I absolutely love going on beach vacations because I truly feel at home near the water. I also love going on beach vacations because I transform into the most low-maintenance version of myself, haha! All I need is some waterproof mascara, a little SPF, and a good book and I’m happy as a clam on the sand!

what to pack for a beach vacation

I know that packing for a beach vacation can be a bit stressful because there’s so much to consider: what’s the weather gonna be like? How many swimsuits will I need? Will I need to bring some nice clothes if I go out somewhere or will I end up on my butt in the sand all week?

In honor of heading to Florida for my cousin’s wedding and a little family vacation before we all head back to school, I thought I would show you guys just what to pack for a beach vacation in the hopes that this helps you with your last minute trips to go catch some sun and sand before summer is out!

2 Swimsuits

I think you are really good with just two. Switch off each day, so the other gets a chance to dry properly! My mom always taught us to soak our suits in soap and water in the sink for an hour or so after the beach or the pool. It gets the clorine smell out of them or it can get the sand out! My two favorite suits are my Lucky Brand criss-cross swimsuit from Everything but Water and this flirty one-piece from Target.


You’ll definitely need these! I always like to bring a cheap pair with me since they can easily get lost or broken while traveling. See this post for designer sunglass dupes! Or shop above for my favorite pairs under $40!



Are you noticing everything is starting with an “S” so far? Ok good, me too. Anyway, sunscreen is a MUST! I try to take really good care of my skin at the beach because I don’t want wrinkles or skin cancer. My mom grew up in Florida and she unfortunately had to have some skin cancer spots removed that she had gotten from too much sun and not enough sunscreen. I try to use a high SPF waterproof spray on my body and I love a tava natural zinc stick for my face!

Reading material

Check this post for a list of my favorite beach reads! I also like to grab a magazine or two from the airport just for something fun and inspiring.

A refillable water bottle

I always take an empty, refillable water bottle (TSA approved) with me on the plane, so that I can fill it up and drink from that throughout my vacation. It’s better for the environment, but also easier to keep track of then just a plain, plastic bottle. Most public beaches will have water fountains where you can fill it up! It’s super important to stay hydrated when you’re spending a lot of time out in the sun.

An coverup that can go from the beach to dinner

what to pack for a beach vacation

I almost have more fun picking out a coverup than I do a swimsuit! I just love finding something that I can throw on after the beach that is cute enough to wear out to dinner, too. I reached out to Josephine Resort when I saw their cute romper-style cover-ups on Instagram and they were so sweet to send me this black Liz Romper to style! I even wore it on my trip with Cam in Austin. You can do so much with it: wear it with a denim jacket, put a camisole underneath to wear out and about, or just wear it over your swimmer!

It’s also a linen material which is my favorite thing to wear after a day of sun, sand, and sea. It feels so soft and comfortable on your skin, even if you’ve got sandy cheeks and possibly a slight sunburn! (Don’t forget the SPF, ya’ll!)

What’s your must-have for a beach vacation?