Weekend for Two in Houston

On Thursday, I had just downed an iced soy latte and gotten through a couple (hundred) pages of notes when I got a call from Cam that he was on his way to Houston!!

I knew he was coming that weekend, but thought he wouldn’t be in until late Friday afternoon. It was such a sweet surprise that he was making the long trek all in one night to come see me!

I thought I’d blog about our weekend since we ate some really yummy food and since I feel like every time he comes we find something cool to do (or eat, haha) and I just forget to share! If you’re ever in my town, maybe you can shop or eat at some of the places mentioned. (Or if you do live here…why haven’t we had coffee yet?!)


I don’t have classes Friday, but I did have to go up to the school library to take an online exam. After that, Cam requested his new favorite place for lunch. We tried Pondicheri with our friend Cathy (a regular there) last time was in town and Cam fell in love with it, so he had to go back to get his chicken frankie (basically an Indian food burrito). If you’re Gluten-free or Vegan, I recommend the masala dosa (basically an Indian potato pancake and comes with greens and some salsa like stuff) – SO YUMMY.

Upstairs they have their bake lab with the sweetest treats and coffee. I was so stoked to see so many gluten free options (and a couple vegan options!) so if that’s what you’re into, this is the place for you.


If you’re needing to do a little shopping in town, it’s a fun afternoon/evening to go to the Highland Village shops and pop in and out of stores! We went because ya girl needed new undies (TMI) from Victoria Secret and I wanted to say hi to my friend who works at the LuluLemon there, but I was actually amazed at how many other shops I could see myself spending hours in! Definitely a good place to spend your gift cards or get some cupcakes ūüėČ


For dessert that night, Cam and I tried mochi! They have them at select Whole Foods and luckily, I am one of the “chosen ones” to have a freezer full at my nearest WF. Mochi is¬†a Japanese rice cake with ice cream in the middle! Our favorite flavors were the double chocolate, vanilla bean, and the coffee!¬†


Cam had a haircut in the morning with our favorite stylist, Kate (I did a post with her here!) and it was so fun to head back to Cypress and chat with her while Cam got all pretty! Don’t forget, that if you need your hair cut and/or colored and you’re in the Cypress/Tomball area, you can get 20% off if you mention my name at Sweet Olive Salon in Vintage Park.¬†You can book your appointment here.¬†


After some family time, sunshine, and a lacrosse game, Cam and I went back to Houston to my favorite local thai place for dinner. (Get the red curry if you love curry and don’t forget the mango sticky rice!!)


For breakfast, I was really craving a green smoothie so I went to my fav (Juiceland) and got the Peachy Green. So. Good. Holy. Moly. I do yoga next door at Black Swan sometimes, and I think it’s cool that you can order your juice or smoothie to be ready after a yoga class! (Or just stop by with wet hair and a sweatshirt like I did that day and grab one to-go, heehee.)


Cam had a men’s league lacrosse game in Cypress (where are my fellow lax girlfriends at?!) and so I basically just spent the afternoon watching him play and attempting not to get sunburnt again. That night, we ate dinner with my family, made an HEB run since there aren’t any closed to me and I really wanted the honey roasted peanut butter they have, and then headed back to Houston.

Monday morning

Cam and I’s tradition this year during our long-distance relationship is to eat breakfast at Corner Bakery Cafe before Cam heads back to Fayetteville. CBC is literally the most underrated chain restaurant for breakfast! We love our meals there and I love their hazelnut coffee with soy-milk. (I find that not a lot of chain restaurants have soy milk, but CBC does and that’s why they’re BAE!)

When we were up at the register ordering, Cam all of a sudden asked me rather urgently to go fill up our water cups while he paid. I figured he was just really thirsty and went and got our drinks. Come to find out, he secretly asked for a gift card for me when I walked away! He knows that I love the coffee and am frequently looking for new places to study since I study somewhere each day between classes, and I just thought it was a cute little story that he surprised me like that!

When it comes to long distance, I haven’t felt something missing, a longing for someone, or a far-ness in my relationship. If anything, I’ve felt so much closer to Cam and like our relationship is very solid. This may be because we didn’t do long-distance until we’d been dating for almost 6 years, but I also accredit it to making the most out of our time together and focusing on the little joys rather than trying to go all out and making every weekend chock-full of activities. A little sunshine, a little coffee, some good snacks, and each other is all that we need!¬†

I do hope you found this post fun and that it gave you some good ideas for weekend activities or places you can try if you’re in Houston!¬†

I also noticed this weekend that we listened to a lot of fun, new music that Cam had downloaded, so I put together a play-list if you need to bring a little bit of the weekend to your week with some jams. Enjoy!