Therapy and Sandwiches – A Day In The Life

I want to start sharing A Day In The Life posts because my biggest recovery/life inspiration right now is Robyn from The Real Life RD.

Kinda embarrassed that I spend hours on this girl’s blog just reading her daily eats, day in the lives, and weekend recaps. I’ve really struggled with wanting to blog lately, but feeling like I have nothing of substance. And then I’m like “Oh wait, this blog is for me and I can literally write about anything!”

Right now, my job is 50% of my life and recovery is the other 50%. But let’s make this pie a jumbo one and say that there’s definitely room in there for the important relationships in my life: Cam (we’re leaving for Ireland on Friday!), getting to hang a bunch with my sister (she goes to UH now so lives at home!) and my wonderful friends.

So yeah. Blog plan is to rant, do daily recaps, and also share some of my eats on here. I know I have a handful of people also in recovery or wanting to work on their relationship with food, their bodies, and exercise. I am no doctor and I’m still only a novice when it comes to recovery and approaching all foods as neutral, but I’ve learned so much that I put into practice literally every second of life, so it feels natural to share. Especially if it could help someone!

So Wednesdays. Love Wednesdays and have for a while. It’s my Dietician day so I see Kylie after work. Which means I see Cam 🙂 Which means it’s a good day!

To preface this day: this week is my last week of work/real life before vacation in IRELAND with Cam! (Look forward to recaps from that.) Monday was work-heavy, Tuesday was work some more and then therapy and nails with my pal Jill for some self-care and now we’re at Wednesday. Here’s my day!

I woke up at 5:45, which sounds early, but I love it.

I went downstairs for COFFEE – my life’s blood. Haha. I also grabbed a banana and pb cuz I needed a snack before running.

Back up in my room, I did my morning quiet time, which consists of writing in my 5 year/One Line a Day journal, doing a Jesus Calling devotional and then just writing down what’s on my mind and heart. I started this in the summer of last year, and kept it up until I got really sick after the holidays. Within the past two weeks, I’ve gotten back into it and remembered that it’s my favorite part of the day.

I stretched and ate most of my banana + a scoop of creamy, natural PB.

Then I changed and headed out for my run.

I just got back into running these past couple of weeks after taking almost a year off. In 2016, I started running and got really into it – doing 4, 5, 6 milers a couple times a week. I ran the 8 mile Turkey Trot that year and had dreams of a half marathon. This issue was, I never nourished myself properly when doing that much exercise. I’d eat really small “clean” meals, and then wonder why I felt like absolute crap all day after a run.

Once I was officially relapsing in my anorexia around October, the migraines from malnourishment were so bad I physically couldn’t run. Then by March, I was put on official exercise restriction until I regained the weight I needed to. Around July/August, I was allowed to move my body, but only yoga and walking and no more than 30 minutes a couple times a week.

I’ve been feeling really good lately and nourishing myself properly, so a couple weeks ago I was really itching to run. It’s my favorite form of movement. I just listen to good music and it’s like a running dance party. Right now, I don’t go far. I just run from my house to the Heights Mercantile and back (we’re not far from it.)

I was a sweaty mess when I got back, so I stretched out, rehydrated with my new Kleen Kanteen (thanks, Cam!) and showered.

Did a quick 5-minute makeup and when downstairs for BREAKFAST.

Then went back upstairs and fixed my hair with the blow dryer and a couple loose curls with my wand.

Normally, I’d be hustling out the door at this moment for work, but my boss had to take her daughter to the dentist, so I worked from home in the morning. Second cup of coffee + essential oil diffuser + salt lamp + worship music + bed with a comfy blanket = ideal work from home sitch.

I started off the work day just getting through my inbox and then worked on crafting some interview copy for one of our client’s – a big restaurant with a pretty sick Instagram that we’ve recently taken the reigns of.

It looked like a beautiful, sunny day out, so I was itching to move to a place with some naturalllll liiiiight! I would just take the laptop out on my patio, but unfortunately, Houston doesn’t get fall weather till mid-October. So I knew the public library opened at 10 just about a mile away. I finished one project, juiced up the laptop and grabbed a snack + water to take with me.

JK – my boss called me and it was time to head to her place to work the rest of the day there 🙂 At least I was getting up anyway!

Make it to Megan’s and we immediately get to work. Throughout the afternoon I had a snack I brought: 1/2 a peach with Purely Elizabeth granola + peanut butter drizzled on top.

And then for lunch, I brought some random things from the fridge that turned out great – spinach and arugula + brown rice + chicken + white beans + feta + strawberries! Drizzled in olive oil and garlic salt.

We worked a lot more and got a lot done on some projects and I had an (unpictured) Maple sea salt (fall!!!) RX bar while we had a call.

After work, I went straight to my dietician’s office. I see her every Wednesday at the moment! Cam always meets me there, and we sit in the appointment together.

After the dietician’s, we headed to our favorite spot for sandwiches – Local Foods. Houstonians will know about this one. They have a few locations in Houston, and we’ve been to all except the downtown one! The menu varies slightly across locations, so I’m always trying new dishes. This time, I went for the avocado blt minus the fried egg because I felt it was too messy and I’d be good with just bacon + lettuce + tomato + avo on wheat. It was amazing – a new fav!

Nothing exciting after that… just headed home, packed a lunch for the next day and made some overnight oats to have in the morning. Then I was off to bed to get a good night’s sleep for my last day of work before Ireland! 👋

Let me know what a typical day is like for you in the comments!