The Monthly Mag: June Edition


Some of my current fashion inspo via Tumblr. Follow me here. 

sources for photos from left to right: black shoes, denim on denim minimal linen, scarf on bag, sunnies, lemons + crisp blouse, blue jeans, white open-backed dress 

I recently shared my Summer Internship Capsule Wardrobe with you guys, and that was so fun. I used to rarely get dressed up – maybe a nice sundress here and there for dinner with a friend, but other than that, it was always a graphic tee of some sort. Dressing up makes me feel like a whole new person, and I have more confidence to try out new trends and styles that wouldn’t normally fly with my typical “athlesiure” look.


Right now, I’m loving neck scarves. I won’t call them bandanas because bandanas are for rock concerts and overalls. Neck scarves are chic and great for going from the office to drinks at a trendy bar. (Can you tell I’m totally milking this whole “I’m-a-20-something-with-a-job-YUPPI” kinda thing? Ha!)

In a previous campaign with Madewell, I was gifted a beautiful scarf from them. I’ve worn it to the office and out on the town a couple times tied around my neck and it makes me feel like I need to be sitting in a Parisian cafe with a croissant and little baby espresso cup. Ya know? I watched this video from my friend and fellow blogger, Shelby at The Gold Dime, to learn how to tie it correctly.


I have a couple updates to my beauty/skin care routine this month.

I decided to switch back to natural deodorant after a brief hiatus. I didn’t notice much of a difference with non-natural deodorant in terms of how well it kept sweaty pits at bay, so I just decided, why not go natural then if I’m not someone who really needs a ton of protection there? I picked up this brand from TJ Maxx, and I recommend scouring your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls to see if they have any for a good price.

I also went natural with my face soap, but not completely. I still love my Cetaphil daily cleanser. It’s the only thing that’s really worked for me. However, when my skin is in good shape (which it is most of the time since I drink a lot of water and don’t use face makeup), I can go ahead and use a natural solution at night. I bought a bar of soap from the Farmer’s Market made with essential oils, turmeric, and activated charcoal. I love the clean feeling it gives my skin at night! And if I do wear a little blush, it removes that really well.

My favorite little shop in downtown Tomball (near one of the farmer’s markets I shop at when I’m in the area) is the Bath Hut. It’s this cutie little place where you can make your own lotions, salt scrubs, etc. Until a couple weeks ago, I hadn’t been there in YEARS, but I still remembered my favorite mix for their spray lotion. I get the almond scent and the peony scent mixed together and it’s my own little signature fragrance. Plus, I like the spray lotion for summer because it is less thick and sticky. (No thighs sticking to the seat of the car in the heat and humidity!)

And lastly, I have rediscovered my favorite natural face sunscreen. I use the Tava Sunscreen natural zinc stick every morning after washing my face. It doesn’t clog my pores due to that all-natural goodness! Highly recommend instead of any other heavy, chemical-filled face sunscreen you may be tempted to pick up at the drug store.


My favorite workout this month has been CycleBar, and I did an entire post on my experience with that after my first four classes. When I’m not in CycleBar classes, I’ve gotten back into running. However, I’m not doing long-distance quite yet. Just 2-3 miles once or twice a week. In the fall, I’ll start going for long distance runs to prepare for the 8-mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving! This will be my second year and I’m PUMPED.

When I’m sore and need a day to give my body a break, I do Yoga with Adrienne videos. Or I take a long walk around my neighborhood.

As far as all my favorite health foods and snacks…here’s just a few things that are stocked in my pantry and fridge for recipes, smoothies, and snacking

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip LaraBars

Go Macro Bars (my favorites are any that have peanut butter in them) 

These cookies for dessert

Siete Foods Grain-Free Tortilla Chips (Lime flavor) 

Vanilla So Delicious Coconut Yogurt (I mix in chia seeds and Bear Naked GF Granola…or fresh cherries!) 

Gingerade Kombucha


source: the 405

I’ve been listening to Maggie Rogers’ EP for MONTHS now and I’m still not over it. It’s perfect for running, driving, writing blog posts, or cleaning the house. Basically, it’s just perfect.

I’m also a huge fan of this playlist I saw someone I follow on Instagram mention on their story. It’s called “idk songs probably in the Parent Trap”. (So you know it’s great.) It’s got throwback 2000s jams, NSYNC, songs from the Princess Diaries soundtrack, and my personal favorites – Norah Jones and Ryan Cabrera.

My other favorite Spotify playlist is this Saturday morning playlist. Weekends are so much more dear to me now that I work during the weekdays. On Saturday, I wake up without an alarm and I like to make my healthy 2 egg/1 banana pancakes and a pot of coffee. I play this playlist while I’m cooking!


Sarah Dessen came out with a new book June 6th and I had already pre-ordered it because I WILL ALWAYS BE A SUPERFAN EVEN IF I’M NOT 13 ANYMORE, OK?!

It’s called “Once and for All” and it is AMAZING.

Also, if you’ve ever read a Sarah Dessen novel, can we please geek out together in the comments? I just want to say “call it chicken salad” or “swoon” or “don’t I know it” and have someone GET ME. Thanks.


Source: Tumblr
Bustle: How 5 People Get Ready in the Morning

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The EveryGirl: 13 Easy Things You Can Do To Reduce Stress and Lead a Less Hectic Life

I’m all about slowing down and living a more balanced, joyful life!

Lauren 5-Ingredient Healthy Vegan Paté

Ok yum, someone come make and eat this with me.

Life Lately

source: Tumblr

I started my internship in digital media just after Memorial Day.

My family is moving in a week! And I’m moving with them! This is my 5th time moving! It’s cool because our new house is lovely and it’s in the neighborhood my AirBnB was in which means I get to see Gracie again! Yay! (Gracie is the dog I used to live with!) Haha. Anyway! Enough with the exclamations.

Yes, I’m moving again. Same zip code. Same bedroom furniture. New bedroom. New house. And something else new: living with my family full-time after living alone for a year! It just so happened that my parents jobs have them downtown pretty often and my youngest sister is starting at a performing arts high school down here in the fall. So I get to live with my favorite people on the planet! Most 21 year olds might not be so psyched about living back home, but I personally cannot wait. We have the best family dinners where we make the best homemade guac, eat too many chips, and we always have good wine. Plus, I love hanging with my youngest sister. (My other two sisters will be off at college most of the time – one in Austin, one in Florida!) I’m pretty giddy about seeing the faces of the ones I love the most every morning before work and school and every evening when I get home. #Blessed

What are you loving lately? And what’s happening in your life?