How To Make and Keep Your Summer Goals

We made it ya’ll! I don’t know about you, but I sure am glad not to be tucked away in Starbucks all day studying. (Though I wouldn’t mind an iced soy latte right about now!)

how to make and keep your summer goals - summer bucket list

I’m so happy to be home with my family — it’s been almost two months since I’ve seen them! And, as I announced on snapchat (cristina.snaps), I’m interning for my dad this summer and working out of the home office. He jokes that it’s an easy commute and a casual dress code – definitely had to take him up on the job offer. 🙂 A desk job means time to reach my summer blogging goals and to have time to reflect on the personal ones I’ve also set for myself.



To kick off all the fun summer blog posts coming your way, I thought we would chit chat today about how to make and keep your summer goals. I know you’ve either got a running list in your head or a note of your phone, so let’s talk about how to make it happen.

make and keep your summer goals - summer bucket list

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Write it down 

(Duh, right?) But seriously, if taking notes by hand in class helped you remember the topics, then writing down your goals for this summer will help you stick to them. I like to keep a note on my phone (I do this with my New Years Resolution’s as well), and I’ll run across it every time I go to make a grocery list or a reminder.

If you’re a canvas painter, try this: turn your goals into a cutesy-quote and paint it on a canvas for a fun summer project. This Pinterest-worthy reminder is going to look amazing hanging in your room and will remind you of your hopes for the season.

Have an accountability buddy

I feel like accountability partners are only ever talked about when it comes to working out or doing Whole 30, but you can have someone to check in with no matter what your goals are. Rachel and I will often text each other our goals unknowingly as we blab about random things in our day. One of us will express an interest in starting a Facebook group for our Gal Pal group (and we did!) to the other via text or call and since we’ve now said it out loud, we have the other person to check in with us.

A text from your friend saying, “Hey, how’s your summer reading list coming?” or a call from one of your gal pals saying “Hey, I heard you wanted to do yoga this summer! Wanna go with me this week?” can be just what you need to push you towards reaching your goals.

Give a little, get a lot. Be sure to do this for your friends, too! If I ever hear someone wants to start working out I’m like YES – COME TO ZUMBA WITH ME! Haha.

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Attack with intention

There’s a difference between having a direction with your goals and setting deadlines. I think deadlines are normally seen in a negative light since they tend to stress us out. For example, my friend and I are working on co-writing a film script this summer, and while we don’t have a deadline, (can’t rush creativity!) we do have weekly goals.

After we talk, we’ll set up a goal of something we want to have done by our next chat. It helps to ensure that we are taking steps in the right direction and making good progress!

You can do this with your goals, too. Lets say you want to make a trip out to visit your friend. (Rachel is coming to visit the first week of June and I am dying of excitement!) Set a date of when you would like to have your tickets purchased so that you actually get around to it and getting them for a good price. Also, figure out how much money you need to save and by when.

Your dreams for this summer will become a reality if you really attack them with intention.

Prep yourself with the necessary supplies

Saying you want to eat healthy this summer is one thing, but actually acting upon it is something different in itself. Prep yourself with the necessary supplies you might need – a cute planner for meal planning, a reusable tote bag for your grocery store trips, and maybe one of those cool spiralizers for zucchini noodles!

Go easy on yourself

I’m an over-achiever and I like everything perfect (which is totally impossible). Over the summer, I always set goals for myself and I can definitely get stressed out if things don’t go totally according to plan. Just remind yourself that the world will not end if you only make it out on a run twice a week and not every day. The world will not end if you aren’t completely fluent in French by August. If you don’t make all A’s in your summer classes, your life won’t be over. Enjoy your summer no matter what your plans are and always take it one day at a time!


What are your goals for this summer? Writing them out in a comment below will help you stick to them!