How To (Actually) Stay Motivated for the Rest of The School Year


Ugh. Spring break has come and gone. I’m crying into my coffee this week and wishing my textbooks were glossy magazines that I was reading in bed with a plate of waffles.

Let me just complain on yet another blog post about how this semester is kicking my booty. Grade-wise I’m great, but I feel like I go to bed every night exhausted from a day of sitting at my computer.

Ok, enough complaining. I’ve chatted it up with my reps this week to bring you our best tips for how to stay motivated for the rest of the school year. I’ve got 6 and a half weeks to go and I intend to slay the semester! You with me?


thanks to rep Rachel for the lovely picture

Take weekend trips

“Make sure you take time and explore your surroundings, whether it’s a 20 minute drive down the road or an hour to the next town. The best tip to getting through those blah moments is finding the little glimpses of adventure that we all love about summer.” -Kylie, Midwestern State University 

Set a timer to signal the end of your workday 

It’s crunch time of the semester, so I just want to keep staring at my computer screen until I feel like I’ve put a dent in all my studying. I’ve found that it’s better to set a quitting time and to stick to it. It’s different every day, but after I survey what’s on the agenda, I’ll set a timer on my phone for when I’ll shut my laptop and start unwinding for better sleep and better mental focus.

how to actually stay motivated for the rest of the school year - study outside and change up your view every once in a while to be more productive

I love finding cute coffee shops with outdoor space for studying!

Go outside

“…go out and enjoy the pretty weather. Study outside or go for a walk and a picnic. Get a blanket or towel and bring your books and work outside when you get the chance! Get a snack and take a bottle of water out with you and you’re all set! Changing up my study places helps me focus, so I don’t get too bored with my surroundings.” – Katie, Stephen F. Austin University 

Utilize down time

“Instead of binge watching Netflix or Hulu, lay in bed listening to music and working on an assignment. Your still being productive but you’ve taken the stress out of the equation. I get so much done this way! Just don’t forget to take a little time to be completely checked out of work too!” -Faith, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

reward yourself for your hard work and you'll have more motivation to get it all done

This skirt from Francesca’s was definitely a study reward. More on the blog next week!

Reward Yourself

I like to reward myself for working hard – for example, if I make a really good grade on a big assignment, I’ll go buy myself something that I’ve been wanting. I also keep a white board on my desk with the number of days left in the school year as a reminder that summer will be here before I know it! -Brooke, Dallas, TX

Strive for balance

Whether your a mom or a student, it’s hard to find a balance. As a mom of two, an aspiring blogger, and working from home I have found that breaking up your to-do list is essential. I designate a specific chore for each day of the week. This creates a more manageable, streamlined schedule that doesn’t feel as overwhelming. Along with that, I have found that getting my workout completed in the morning gives me a boost of energy and helps me tackle the day. Bonus tip: while picking up the kids or toys, I like to do a deep squat. Every little bit helps! -Tori, Vernon, TX


I hope you can take our tips and run with them to stay motivated for the rest of your school year or these next few months of work till a vacation! If you’re wanting to take some time to relax after a long day, come visit my new Tumblr account and look through some pretty pictures while you sip wine or eat ice cream!



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