How Blogging Changed My Life + A-List Greek Giveaway!

Sometimes we don’t realize defining moments in our lives until after-the-fact. You know, like when you’re looking at your life one day and you realized something that seemed so trivial a couple years ago actually brought you to where you are now.

It might be something like meeting your boyfriend for the first time and not knowing that you guys would end up together. It might be meeting your future boss for the first time and looking at what unfolded into a great job and a great opportunity. No matter what it is, it takes a good while to see that something was placed in your path for a reason.

I’ve said it before that high school was rough. I mean, naturally I set myself up for it by joining every club and wanting to be head of every team, but that’s what type-A achievers do.

I was part of a team that I dedicated a lot of my time to. I loved what I did and what I was a part of. Ever since I was 5 or 6 years old, I knew I wanted to be team captain. So, entering high school, it was all I thought about. Everything I did would potentially bring me one step closer to this coveted role and I sacrificed a lot to even be considered for it.

As time grew closer to elections/tryouts (whatever you want to call them) things grew tense. Many of us wanted the title and only one could have it. (Why does this sound like a cheesy boxing movie from the 70s.) Anyway, it caused a lot of tension in my group of friends. In fact, it drove us a part.

I talked to my coach about it one day. I was feeling sad and lonely now that my friends and I were all pitted against each other. I wanted her advice on what I should do.

I hope I never forget this moment; standing in the old, poorly lit hallway that led to the practice room, my coach explained to me what it meant to be a leader.

“You can’t be friends with anyone. You have to stand alone, or else they won’t respect you. They won’t follow you. It’s lonely at the top, but it’s worth it because you’re there.”



I remember thinking, “Well, that sounds horrible. Why would I want to lead a group of girls if I couldn’t have a relationship with them? How was I supposed to influence their lives?”

A couple days later, I quit the team.

So that happened.

Like I’ve also mentioned before, I ended up moving schools the next year for separate but also contrasting reasons. My new school did not have a team for me to belong to like the one I had previously been on, so I considered myself a floater and ended up joining choir. I loved singing and hadn’t been in choir since middle school, so I had fun with it, but really missed having a leadership position.

That’s just me. I like to be the leader. I liked to be the teacher when I was little and my friends and I would play classroom. I loved playing baby dolls because I liked pretending to be a mother and being in charge of what my toy dolls would wear, eat, and where I would take them. I like stepping up in group projects because I’m good at facilitating conversation and I’m equally worried about my grade.

That year, in between losing what I had thought I had always wanted and finding what I didn’t know I needed, was rough.

Inspiring people and leading people gives me my purpose. For some people it may be having a solid group of friends that makes them feel like they belong. For others, it might be being successful in their workplace. For me, I think my concern and my efforts will always lie with whether or not I’ve been able to make an impact in people’s lives.

Just like I didn’t realize that talking to my coach that day would be a huge turning point in my life, I didn’t realize that starting my blog would be the time when I finally found how I could lead people and build a relationship with them.

Blogging does not put me on some deserted island where I “can’t be friends” with anyone to lead them. It allows me to be a big sister, friend, peer, random girl on the internet who gets it. That’s why I’m always giving tips on my blog and filling you in on what’s the best way to take an Instagram photo, eat healthier, and/or shop for new styles.

When A-List Greek reached out to me to do a collaboration, I knew that I wanted a piece of their jewelry that was going to always remind me why I blog and where it’s brought me. Even though “greek” is in their name, they can customize any piece of jewelry with whatever your heart desires.

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Engraved into this gold bar necklace are roman numerals signifying the date I started my blog. (July 12, 2014)

On July 12, 2014 I was a girl who wanted to lead and inspire others. I didn’t know how I would get there or when I would finally find the answer, but I was hopeful that by doing what I loved and following my passions I could always spread a positive message of being yourself and doing what makes you, you.

Almost two years later, I have really found where I feel like I “belong”…and that is sitting here typing this post. That’s meeting bloggers from around the country and sharing knowledge and dreams about the industry. That’s chatting with people on Instagram. That’s leading Twitter chats. That’s snapchatting myself saying the most random things that always end up bringing at least someone a good laugh. I love this platform and my audience.

To give back today, I want to give you a chance to win something that could help you remember a special turning point in your life or a moment that brings you joy.

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I will be announcing the winner on Tuesday, April 19th on my Instagram at 7pm EST! Best of luck to those who enter and thank you all for reading and being such an inspiration.