December Favorites

It is my absolute favorite time of the year. My blog posts aren’t dated (how do I change that..ugh), but this post is being written December 26, 2017. The day after Christmas. Is it bad that this is my favorite? I think I just like the return to normalcy mixed with the lingering promise of a new year…

…not to mention January is my birthday, so…holler. #22 heehee

I had a really great Christmas this year and I hope you did, too. Christmas for me is always a little anxiety producing because I have to split my time between two families (three if you count Cameron and his awesome fam), but I think this year I just changed my perspective. Rather than feeling hot and bothered about having to drive 40 minutes back and forth between families to exchange gifts I just thought: how lucky am I that I have two families (three kinda) to exchange gifts with…that I feel well enough today to drive the 30 miles…so yeah it was actually really great.

And thanks for all the prayers and kind wishes on the health stuff. Due to the holidays, my MRI results are delayed in getting back to me, but I should here back soon, and then go from there. The anti-seizure medicine I’ve started (I don’t have seizures, but these are good for chronic migraines/pain/headaches) seem to be helping a little bit by decreasing my pain level and the duration of high intensity bouts of pain.

So it’s still December, and I haven’t done a favorites post in a while. With all the chilling at home and self-care I’ve been doing lately, there are quite a few things I’ve been loving. 

I’m going to include a few things I got for Christmas that I’m obsessed with because, well, they are already my favorites even though I just got them. 

(Also, this was the year of not one, not two, but FOUR Madewell gift cards, so I’m not going to be sponsored by Madewell, but my closet is about to be a Madewell showroom I HAVE BEEN BLESSED.) 

Eucalyptus Epsom Salts for baths //

Do yourself a favor and get these – the Target brand kind because you get like a three pound back for a couple bucks. I probably take an epsom salt bath twice a week because I find that if I have any muscle tension it increases the amount of pain and headaches I have, so I want to avoid that. I’m excited to mix this with some Lush goodies that my sis Caroline got me for Christmas. I’m a bath girl through and through!

Is it weird to share my current favorite way to have coffee?? //

I feel like I’m always switching it up. I’ve been spending a couple nights a week in Cypress at Cam’s so that I’m closer to my mom who lives near him, and since he’s taking some vacation off from work. I love the Seattle’s Best coffee breakfast blend that the Threlkeld’s have. I used to drink it when I lived in Arkansas because it’s inexpensive and yum….the taste takes me back to 12 degree mornings and 7 am Spanish classes. Cam puts the perfect amount of almond milk in it, so now I told him he’s stuck making coffee for me forever.

I’ve found that I prefer brewed coffee to americano/espresso like types. I got a french press for Christmas I am so excited to use! If you’re in Fayetteville, AR or are visiting soon, go here and pick up some house blend…it’s my favorite.

^ I just wrote like 200 words about coffee LOL.

VLOGMAS WAS SO FUN! Still catching up, but I loved Sierra and Alex’s //

My guilty pleasure is Youtube couples. Maybe because I’ve been in a relationship for so long I feel like I just get them, but also that they are way cooler than me because they are on Youtube – haha. For years I’ve watched Aspyn and Parker, but just got into Sierra and Alex’s vlog channel for their Vlogmas. I ended up going back and watching almost all of their vlogs together. Such a down to earth, kind couple. That’s what I like to see on the interweb!! I love Sierra’s girly style and their home decor is awesome!

I read books because #winterbreak and my favorite was “The Hopefuls” by Jennifer Close //

Fun fact about me: I am not very political (???) I don’t know how to say it. I have things I am passionate about. I have morals. I have things I believe in, but when people talk about politics (especially at the dinner table) I just want to change the subject to Spongebob Squarepants or something random. Haha. I even worked for seven months for a local news branch and it was all Trump, Russia, tax bill, health care, so I’m not saying I’m uneducated…trust me – I know what’s going on. I’m just burnt out on politics 😜 All this to say, it was super out of character for me to pick up this book which is literally about a couple in D.C. who’s lives revolve around politics. The husband works on the Obama campaign (both terms) and they experience the ups and downs that come from being a married couple in D.C….married to each other and to the campaign and the candidates.

But it was SO GOOD. In fact, if you’re from Texas (especially Houston #REPRESENT) you HAVE to read this. Later on in the book, the couple ends up moving to Texas to work on a campaign (Sugar Land to be exact) and the way the author describes Houston suburbs is spot on! They mention Chick-fil-a, giant shopping centers that look like movie sets, and Torchy’s Tacos. It was crazy awesome that someone got my home so spot on. And the story is amazing, too.

Clinique High-Impact Mascara //

When I ordered Christmas gifts for my sisters from the beauty department at Nordstrom, I got some free goodies in return. I actually had no idea I was getting freebies with my order, and almost threw out the box with the free samples, but my guardian angel had me do a double take and BAM! Free samples for the girl who has literally no makeup haha!

Seriously, I showed my family this picture of me from my last photo shoot and I almost didn’t look like me in all the makeup.

I have always wanted to try a high-end mascara to see if it really is any better than my usual Maybelline. The verdict? I still like my Maybelline spider effect, but this Clinique mascara layered over it makes my lashes

Charity pot body balm … thanks Caroline //

A Christmas gift from cheek 🙂 Side note: did anyone ever watch the show Mrs. Eastwood and Company?! If you did, then you know why my sister and I call each other “cheek”. Anyway, Caroline got me this and it’s amazing! I’ve never owned any Lush products aside from using a couple bath bombs once, and I applied this after my shower yesterday and it’s been 12+ hours and my skin still feels super smooth and hydrated. Perfect for winter if ya ask me!

Gotta include a favorite snack or it wouldn’t be a favorites post a la Cristina 🙂 //

My appetite has been wonky, and rather than waking up super hungry like normal, I can only manage a yogurt or something small. I love the strawberry flavored coconut yogurt from So-Delicious (it’s non-dairy for all my fellow tummy achers out there).

I also recently tried Green Dragon apples…I seriously eat an apple a day and these are YUM! (This is what they look like…sweet and similar to golden ones!) I bet they’d be amazing over oatmeal or if you used them for a pie or a crisp. I got mine at Kroger, but I’ll post to my Instagram story if I see them somewhere else!

Well, TBH I’m probably going to go write more blog posts because my coffee kicked in and I’m feeling good today. I hope your holiday was wonderful and you’re as excited about New Years as I am!!