13 Things: March

It’s almost APRIL?! W.o.w.

Time flies! I’ve got a little over a month until graduation, hopefully one more out-of-town trip, and lots of fun time enjoying Spring with Cam and my family. Ready for all the coffee, belly laughs, and happy sunshine-y things! But first, here’s what March looked like.

Cam sometimes plays in pick-up mens league lacrosse games on the weekends, and I have a picnic in the car, haha.

ONE // Spring is here and it’s one of my favorite seasons, minus the pollen. Cam and I decided that for Houston, we like fall better because no pollen. Haha! Any tips to enjoy the outdoors without the allergy attacks? It’s gorgeous out, and patio weather is a must. We’ve been loving the Heights Mercantile area because we can walk over there, and the new Local Foods just opened up. I’m obsessed with their big salads! Also stopped in to Gypsy Wagon, and I need/want everything in there. Just need some to contain the sinus headaches and itchy eyes!

I now try to hit the farmers market every weekend and see if I can’t support local growers!

TWO // I’ve been reading some amazing books lately. (Thank you Boston thrift stores for your magic.) I’m not going to give them all away here because I want to do a whole post on all the books I’ve read so far this year. (11!) But a favorite and life changing one has been Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food.” If you are at all interested in eating more sustainably and learning more about how we can support local ag, pick it up.

If you spot me on campus, I am most likely listening to a deep conversation on sustainable farming or Vitamin K2. #Nerd.

THREE // I’ve been back into podcasts recently. I spend a lot of time walking on campus, and I find that I am annoyed at my walk if I don’t have something to listen to. Some current listens: The Chasing Joy Podcasts, the That’s So Maven podcast, Nourishing Minds Podcast.

FOUR // When Cam and I were in Boston, we watched Queer Eye on Netflix. Since I got home, I tried to start Nailed It, Ugly Delicious, and Reign, but I just don’t love anything as much as Queer Eye. It’s amazing. My fav is Johnathan, obviously, but I love them all. I die when he says “strugs to func.”

FIVE // A few favorite things I brought back from Boston: french roast from the coffee house we visited each morning, raw honey from Beverly’s Bees that we met at the Cambridge Winter Farmers Market (I take a spoonful every morning and add to yogurt bowls), some thrifted books from Boomerangs, and these cool vinegar shrubs from Bauman’s Best Botanicals that Cam and I have been using like salad dressings, but we heard they are great cocktail mixers, so we want to try them with gin soon!

SIX // My golden hour playlist on Spotify is soooo good. It’s basically all Brandi Carlisle, First Aid Kit, and Alela Diane, but that’s a good thing – trust me.

SEVEN // Cam and I want to go to Fayetteville once this semester since we went once last semester in October! Hopefully we make it in April. I’m missing my favorite spot for a matcha latte, getting a treat at Little Bread Co., walking the downtown square, and getting breakfast at Arsaga’s. Such a happy little town.

EIGHT // Breaking news! I bought jeans that fit. Boyfriend jeans! I thought I’d hate boyfriend jeans, but I love them. They were on clearance at Lucky Brand, and they are the perfect “slouchy, hipster” boyfriend jeans. Wore them every day in Boston and at least 3x a week now. Oops. (Similar pair here, except mine don’t have holes!)

NINE // Like I mentioned in this post, I’ve been cooking up a storm lately. (With my sous chef, Cam.) Definitely have to say that this pasta has been my favorite weeknight dinner recipe, but I’m dying to try this 5-ingredient green curry and I’d really love to try to make my own pizza with some chickpea flour I have on hand! Have you ever tried this?

TEN // Guys. SHOULD I GET BANGS? I’m having that “I haven’t done anything to my hair in 5 years” itch. Are bangs the move? Inspo via Troian Bellisario’s bangs. Full, straight across. Got the “ok” from my hair stylist, Kate, but some of you on Insta warned me against the chop due to hot and sweaty bang season being just around the corner. (And I hear the grow-out process is annoying.)

ELEVEN // April is the month of birthdays for me! Cam’s on the 10th, my mom’s on the 18th, and my sister Clara’s on the 22nd. What’s your go-to gift? I think for each, I’d like to bake them something that is specific to their favorite treat!

TWELVE // Have you guys tried noon? #notsponsored. Cam and I are trying to go to some new places around Houston for variety on our Tuesday date nights and we had this place a couple weeks ago. Bravo to this rebrand! (More on that here, if you’re unfamiliar.) And no wonder we loved it – Sweetgreen helped with the relaunch, and that was a place we tried and loved in Boston. But yeah…go there and get the turkey meatballs!

THIRTEEN // I’d love to hear about any posts you’d like to see on the blog! Just let me know in the comments below if ya have an idea 🙂

Tell me what’s been going on with you!