6 Things To Do Instead of Getting on Your Phone

I know especially now, with all that’s in the media and all the not-so-niceness being exchanged across phone screens, people want a break from scrolling on their phones.


When I get home from being at school for 6 hours, I plop down on my couch and get on my phone. I scroll, favorite, like, and maybe comment, but it’s not so much a productive, fun activity as it is just something to do. Sometimes I’ll get stuck there for 30 minutes or more and just feel bleh afterwards. Lately, I’ve made an effort to be free of my phone screen and find ways to pass the time that help me to have a healthier, happier week.

Listen to a podcast things to do instead of getting on your phone

Ok, so you’re technically using your phone, but trust me, you’ll love what you can learn and gain from a podcast. I have three favorites, but that just scratches the surface of the amazing world that is podcasts.

-The Anxiety Guru podcasts

-Adulthood Made Easy by Real Simple

-Happier with Gretchen Rubin

And if you don’t know, how it works is you go to the nifty, purple “Podcasts” app that comes on your iPhone and you just subscribe to any podcast you like. (Or you can download individual episodes.) I subscribe to my favorites, download about 10 at a time to listen to on my commute to school, and I’m set. Highly recommend!

Read a book

things to do instead of looking at your phone

One of my professors told us that he knows of a well-known company in town that asks candidates in interviews the last three books they read. Do you know the last three you read? Now, that may not really matter in you getting a job, but reading does do a lot for you. You can learn so much reading whether it’s a biography, self-help book, or YA fiction novel. I got a library card at the start of school, so that I can go to any Houston Public Library branch and check out books. Right now, I’ve challenged myself to read one book by every first letter of the author’s last name in the fiction section. For the A’s I read “Piece of Mind” by Michelle Alderman and now I’m on (B BOOK) and “I Heart Bloomberg” by Meloady Carlson.

I also love the classics. I spent about 4 days on George Orwell’s 1984 and just one weekend on Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. So. so. good. I love reading!

Do a craft

things to do instead of looking at your phone

Not only are you spending your time not scrolling through political posts and overused memes, you’re making something you can keep to decorate your home or give as a gift. I personally love colored pencil sketches and watercoloring. You can do something simple like an adult coloring book or get super craft with a canvas and some paint. Search Pinterest for inspiration, and maybe try to make some holiday decor for your place!

Have a coffee date

Living alone, I don’t get a lot of time to just sit and chat with a friend. Even at school, I may talk to friends in my classes, but the conversation usually centers around what little sleep we’ve been getting or how much we really hate writing radio ad copy. Setting up a coffee date is one of my favorite ways to fill my free time with something that really warms my heart – good company and meaningful conversation! Don’t bring study materials, put your phone on silent in your purse, and sip a peppermint mocha with your mom, aunt, friend from high school, etc. Bonus points for putting on your walking shoes and getting your coffee to go, so you can walk around and get some fresh air!


things to do instead of looking at your phone

Does it make me a total grandma to say I adore de-cluttering? It’s proven to boost happiness to get rid of clutter, trash, and just things that need a new home and a new life. (Plus, how else would I make more room for all the holiday fuzzy socks I’m going to buy? Duh.) You can put on some music (I recommend my “Fall” Spotify playlist) and just get to work. Start by throwing out trash, then pull clothes you don’t wear anymore and set them in a bin to donate, then organize the things you do want to keep. Ta-da. A de-cluttered, happy home.

Meal prep for the week

things to do instead of getting on your phone

When I feel like all I want to do is be a bum and sit on my couch watching Youtube videos with a caramel apple sucker (I bought a whole bag for trick-or-treaters and had no trick-or-treaters, sooooo…….) I try to get up and look in my fridge to plan meals for the week. Even if all I’m doing is cooking some pasta noodles for the week so all I have to do is add sauce when I’m hungry, I’ll do that. Maybe you’ll get a little more creative and adventurous and try a crock pot recipe. You’ll thank yourself on the days when you have a busy schedule and there’s already something in the fridge you can warm up. Check out my recipe board on Pinterest for inspiration.

What will you do this week instead of getting on your phone?