Welcome Home


When I first made a blog in July of 2014, I knew that Cristina on Campus would be a temporary home. It’s kind of like your first apartment or your dorm room. You live there and make it your own as much as possible, but you dream of moving out and having a cute shag rug and gorgeous coffee table books in a new, pretty space. I gave it all the love and made it mine as best as I could, but something told me that blogging would soon become a huge part of my life, and I would want my own space to really grow and create.

I actually got this domain this past summer and started the bare bones maintenance of making it my new little corner of the internet. Ya’ll, it’s tough. Wordpress is a “whole new world” and we’ve had a love-hate relationship so far. But, here I am. I haven’t pulled (all) my hair out yet, and I’m finally ready to show you my new home!

Let’s pause for a second and give some thanks, snaps, and claps. I realized very quickly that unlike my first site, I couldn’t create this all on my own. I asked for help from lots of people in my life. My parents gave me pointers on my business cards. My best blogging friends gave me their thoughts on what the name of the blog should be. Fellow bloggers from Facebook groups gave advice on the best blog widgets. Meg O. designed my beautiful business cards and Designs by Steph┬ádesigned the gorgeous header and logo of this blog.

Also, love is patient and kind right? Yes. Amen. Preach. I say this because my boyfriend Cameron (the patient one in the relationship) helped me to fix every little piece of my new home from the site design down to each and every font and link hover color. I seriously could not have done it without him.

I also texted my blog wife, Rachel, at least 2o times a day with questions about Wordpress. So thanks, Rach.

So, thanks all around and thanks to those who patiently waited for this move-in day. Here we are, ya’ll! Feel free to take a look around.


New website, same blog. What I mean by this is even though there’s a new URL you’re going to every time you click the link in my Instagram bio or search for me on your phone, the content is still what you know (and hopefully love). I’m still a college girl living the campus life who likes to share her adventures with you. Expect more “how-tos”, more awkward stories from my middle school days, and more peeks into my life.

I chose the name Cristina Was Here because I wanted it to be more personal and something that could grow with me, as I don’t see a time in the near future that I would stop blogging. When thinking of a name, I knew I wanted my name to be in the title, but I also wanted it to reflect what I was about. Well, I love writing about college life, beauty, heath, fitness, and miscellaneous advice, and I didn’t really know how to fit all of that into one title.

“Cristina Was Here” symbolizes my mission to leave my mark in both┬áthe blog world as well as my physical world of college, work, long days spent studying with too many lattes, and laughing till I cry. So…that’s what it’s called!

If you’ve been here for a while, (aka you’re here from Cristina on Campus), thanks for traveling on this journey with me! If you’re new… welcome! I’d love to have you stick around.

Friday, we will hit the ground running and normal posts will be up. Leave me a comment letting me know what you want to see on the blog this month. Spring is coming and I’m excited to center my posts around spring cleaning, getting ready for swimsuit season (though you know I think you all look fabulous already), and growing personally as we enter a new season.

See you back here real soon! Hope you love it as much as I do.