Tips For The Winter Blues

Happy November 1st!


I have to admit, when I woke up this morning I felt…off. Maybe it was my looming busy schedule. (Will I have time to eat lunch? Maybe I should make a smoothie to bring with me in case lunch is later. Will I make it to yoga on time? Will yoga be hard? Will yoga be boring? = Me this morning.) Maybe it was because that’s just the way I am when the clock strikes Fall/Winter time – a little anxious, a little withdrawn, a little blue.


I actually wrote a version of this post last year, but I feel like it’s important to circle back and share some more tips that help me during this time of year, especially because I feel it happens for so many of us, yet we’re not quite sure what to do about it.


First off, if you feel a little off, blue, anxious, depressed – know that it’s normal. Know that there are things you can do! My first tip would be to reach out to someone you love and trust and just make them aware (a spouse, your best friend, family member, etc.) If you feel comfortable talking to a professional, therapy could be really helpful for you – just to explore how you are feeling and openly discuss options to making this time of year a bit easier.


Here are some other things that help me get out of the cloudy-feeling during this time of year:


A fun activity first thing in the morning

You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn, but 1-2 times a week, have something fun on the books to do when you get up to start the day on a happy, warm note. A coffee date with a friend, a yoga class with your sister, an early-bird movie, or just make that morning grocery run extra special by getting a latte while you’re at it.


Liven up your space

For someone who’s a busy bee with work and activities, I actually spend a decent amount of time in my new little apartment. I wake up pretty early and then live super close to work and don’t have to be in till 9, so the morning can kind of drag on and be a little “blah” when I’m having the winter blues. If my space is lively though, I can be, too. I already gravitate towards light colors, but also try –

-opening the blinds to allow as much natural light in as possible

-making yourself a fun breakfast. Try something bright like avocado toast with eggs or a really colorful oatmeal bowl with fruit

-DIY some watercolor paintings of flowers, the beach…images that make you happy. I get frames from the dollar store for these and hang them up with a cheap pack of command strips.

-light candles

-play music!


Be prepared


I’d recommend having some things at your disposal that you can go to when you’re having a particularly low day. Things that can cheer you up like a good book you’re working your way through, a show on Netflix, a craft project, articles bookmarked on your laptop, etc. This can even happen in your kitchen, too! I always have my favorite snacks for a rough day on hand like microwave popcorn and a box of TJ’s pumpkin bread mix. It’s the little things!


A walk and talk before bed

Something Cam has encouraged me to do sometimes is to get out and go for a walk with him. We did this a lot when we lived in Fayetteville, but it’s even better being in Houston because you can walk and see a lot of nightlife and cool restaurants. After dinner, I like to take a walk, so that I don’t just immediately go binge-watch Youtube videos on my laptop for the next few hours which doesn’t leave me feeling very fulfilled. It’s really fun to go along with someone and just chat to kind of lift your spirits and end the day on a positive note.


Talking it out

When I’m feeling like this, I like to say outloud to someone “I’m feeling like X, Y, and Z today, but I know it’s ok – this is just how I feel sometimes this year, but I know I’m going to be fine.” Sometimes that anxiety and blue feeling can make you feel like you’re stuck there and you’ll never get out, but in reality, you know this is temporary. You know it’s not your truth. It’s good to really acknowledge that when you’re feeling down.


I am really looking forward to this time of year. Despite feelings of blue-ness, I really love the winter time and the holidays, so I think just like I am choosing to have gratitude and hold space for joy, you can, too. Whether you need to write that down for yourself or just speak it out loud, it can be helpful to take note of the things you are excited for and let that carry you through those down days.


Thinking of you!