6 Tips to Feeling Confident for an Interview

I’m getting to that ripe old age where I have to swap out my big t-shirt for a nice blazer and start attending interviews! Interviews can be pretty nerve-wracking for me to begin with, but I definitely tend to spend a lot of time worrying about looking the part!



Today I decided to put together 6 fast tips for you guys that you can apply before your next interview. This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant, and I’ll be sharing how you can whiten your teeth for less at home! (There’s also a giveaway, so make sure you stay tuned!)

Let’s get into the tips…

Dress the part

Often times, the company and/or hiring manager that will be interviewing you will specify an office dress, and you are to follow that. What I did is I headed to JCrew and got some help from the sales attendants. (And my friend Kylie…thanks Ky!) I explained what I needed the outfit for, my sizes, and what I felt most comfortable in, and the sales attendants were so helpful and assisted me in putting together a great interview outfit. You may search some fashion blogs online for inspo, but let me tell you, the people at JCrew know their stuff!

Do your research

What contributes most to your anxiety about interviews is uncertainty. You may wonder what they’re going to ask you, how long the interview will take, and maybe you’re interested in some more information on the company. All of this information is readily available for you, and it is actually a great idea to look it up. You want to show the company that you understand their mission, so look through their website, their LinkedIn page, and maybe see if you can find samples of work that they have done.

Plan your travel

Look up directions to the office building (if you’re going in for an in-person interview) and maybe even practicing driving there a couple days before. I live in a crazy city full of traffic, so it’s nice to practice the drive to know what traffic patterns I’ll be dealing with and what the parking situation will be like.

Smile and be friendly

It’s the easiest part of the whole gig. Just smile! Lately, I’ve been really working on getting my pearly whites, well…pearly. While I’ve tried to cut back on caffeine lately, I still have a little problem with coffee-stained teeth and I wanted to work to get a whiter smile. However, I have sensitive teeth and I don’t have the budget for any expensive whitening treatments.

I wanted to share with you guys how impressed and happy I was with Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening kit. I’ve tried a few over my existence, especially several different teeth whitening products that I tried after some medicine that I took after a tonsillectomy stained my teeth.

before pic, whiten teeth at home

after picture, whitening your teeth at home

The first thing I LOVED about Smile Brilliant was the custom fitted tray. It was so easy to mold my trays and send them off to have it perfectly made for me. It was way more comfortable to wear than slimy white strips. And, no, it didn’t cost $500+ like the treatments at the dentist.


The second best part was that there was no gross taste. I used to use whitening strips and I hated the taste of the slime that you came in contact with, so I loved how easy it was to apply the whitening gel to the trays and then just leave it on for 35-45 minutes and chill.

Here’s a video from YouTube so you can watch the process step-by-step!


If you need more convincing than these lovely, up-close and personal photos (heehee) check out the testimonials page on the Smile Brilliant website. 


I love this product so much, so I’m super glad Smile Brilliant is being so nice as to let me give one away to you guys! I know many of you will have interviews this year or maybe even a wedding, graduation, or professional pictures. You want your brightest, whitest smile, so be sure to click this link to enter the giveaway!

Get plenty of rest

Don’t stay up watching Gilmore Girls all night! You want to be well rested and fresh for your interview. Try doing an at-home spa night early in the evening to relax, and then set alarm for bedtime and make sure you get a full 8-hours.

What are your top tips to preparing for an interview? Share your wisdom!




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