13 Things

Hello, hello friends – I have missed talking to you via keyboard. I felt I needed to take a break from blogging because so much was going on, and I’d really lost my direction in terms of creativity and writing. (Also, my blog got spammed, so it was acting weird and not letting me on – FUN!) I’d heard many bloggers hit that slump and thought “nope, not me!” but everyone needs a break just like everyone needs to take a step back and reassess sometimes.


What I learned is that I started my blog because I loved writing and storytelling, got really into my blog because I wanted to make it my living someday, and then backed off a bit when I realized that I wouldn’t be working from home as a full time blogger anytime soon. I thought I could hit that fairytale work-stride where come a couple years post-grad I’d be ready to fly solo in the blog world, but the fact of the matter is – I like my major and I think I’ll really like working in the “real world”. At least I need to give it a fair chance.


Startups and small businesses require love, patience, and MONEY. If I’m there someday (even if it is 10 years from now and not the shorter time span I daydreamed of) that’s a-ok. Plus, I’m trying this new thing where I don’t plan out my life way in advance. I just live and search for little joys in each moment.

So yeah. There’s no big re-brand or huge welcome-back-to-the-Internet party. There’s just me – sharing life’s little journeys with ya.


I listened to a podcast once that described the power of envy. The host instructed the listeners to picture who they were most envious of, and rather than feel emotions of anger, disgust, or annoyance, simply think…why can’t I have what they have? Is there something I could do in my life to get closer to this goal or picture?

I’ve always been jealous of the bloggers who just blogged about ANY OLD THING ON THE PLANET. Sometimes, a favorite blogger of mine will just write a post on her new favorite taco recipe and I am SUCKED IN ??. Or some blogger here or there decides to just share her heart one morning via her blog and it’s all I think about all week. I wanted that.


So, we’re just gonna talk from now on. I’m gonna continue to write blog posts because I LOVE writing. But I’m gonna write about life. Sometimes my life looks like a nightstand full of the best new reads and sometimes my life looks like me in a mess of an emotional state because stress and anxiety have completely wrecked me that week. Sometimes my life is brunch on a sunny day with the BEST honey lavender latte I’ve ever had and sometimes my life is a heartfelt letter of loss and desire. WHO KNOWS.

But I want to write it for you.


So, to begin, I just needed to give myself a quick little writing exercise to get into the groove.

By the way, ya’ll. No schedules. No excessive Facebook shares on all the different blogging groups. No more 5,000 Twitter shares. No pinning groups. Just writing. Posting. Clicking publish. Sharing my heart with all of you. ❤️

I know that for the past two years, I’ve posted pretty much every week, but now I’m just gonna write when I have something to say! And there’s no set day or time. 

The best way to be notified if there is something new is via my Instagram. (Finally added a sidebar widget! ??) That’s where I find myself having the most fun with pictures and stories, so we’re gonna party over there.

Ok….so let’s get into the post. 13 Things I want to tell you/haven’t told you/want to fill you in on. (And 13 Things because 13 is my favorite number!)


(24 is also my favorite number.)


(I could never decide between the two.)


(So I have two.)


(I think everyone should.)


  1. I have been LOVING calligraphy. I think each year I’m going to attempt a new hobby. If 2016 was watercolors, 2017 is calligraphy. I think 2018 will be rock climbing because that seems fun. Or cross-stitching. We’ll see. I get my calligraphy pens/ink from Texas Art Supply and use them on field sketch pads.
  2. I started Parenthood. I finished Season 1 in about 32 hours. I haven’t watched in about a week because I had exams and was scared I’d flunk college with my binging. It’s a great show.
  4. Rifle Paper Co. is doing a collab with Keds and I am SCREAMING. I’m including this because I literally saw it on Instagram 14 minutes ago and screamed. Dreams do come true. @santa @cameron @dad @anyonewhowantstobuymeapresentfornoreason
  5. I’m best friends with the dog who lives at my Airbnb, Gracie. I live in a studio apartment above the garage and the sweet couple who lives in the main house rescued her as a stray a few years ago. She’s a Pomeranian mix who loves Milkbones and when I play my Billy Joel record for her.
  6. I’m like oddly obsessed with Instagram lately. I have this crazy addiction to getting on the Explore page and just peeking into people’s lives whom I do not know. I’m so creepy. I just look at their home decor or lattes or wedding photos like, “Wow love that color palette!” (too much?) I really need to chill. But also please comment your favorite people to follow on Instagram below. I actually prefer people who aren’t “insta-famous”, just regular old gals like me that are good with the VSCO filters, know what I mean?
  7. My anxiety has been kinda wonky lately. I think it’s a combo of second semester just always being a high-stress time and also me really coming to a peak in the mountain that is my journey with it. I believe God leads me to these tough points, so that I can really see what I need to do to get back to smooth sailing, and I have more motivation to do it. So I’m doing good with that.
  9. When it’s sunny (which it has been for most of February) I get in the best mood ever and I crave Diet Peach Green Teas from Sonic because that’s what I got every spring during high school and it reminds me of just driving around, watching Cam play in lacrosse games in the Texas sunsets, and having pool parties with friends.
  10. I love the Airbnb life. It’s really changed my mind to think about living more minimally and intentionally. After living in a studio apartment for a couple months, I love not having to worry about so much STUFF. I think when I move into my new house (mid-March) I am just going to get rid of SO much stuff. Like I really only need two plates and two cups for just myself, and yet I have like 8 of everything?? Haha!
  11. There are building a Tacodeli by my new house and I have no idea when it will be done, but you bet I’m going to be in line ready to order a Freakin’ Vegan and a Taco Blanco with bacon…YUP. (*Please read “yup” in the same tone of voice as the Cash-Me-Outside Girl.*)
  12. I don’t really buy clothes seasonally, just whenever I see something I like, but the other day I bought the cutest, flowy, yellow, drop waist dress from Old Navy (similar here) and these strappy brown sandals from American Eagle because on Twitter the week prior I had been saying I really wanted strappy brown sandals. Yay!
  13. I went back to my home church a couple weeks ago after not having gone since graduating high school and MY HEART WAS SO FULL. I had forgotten how important it was to always fill your cup at a place where you feel loved and you love the people around you. I sat between one of my best church friends, Dorrie, and my Godmother, Thuy-an, and there was just so much love and happiness there and then they played one of my favorite hymns and I died and went to heaven for a sec, so yeah I love Sunday mornings a whole lot more now.



Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to tell me your favorite Instagrams! Heehee ?