What I Eat In a Day: Part 1

I have a love/hate relationship with these “What I Eat In A Day” posts.

On the one hand – I LOVE them. I need the recipe inspo. It soothes me! I’m serious. Every night before bed, I scroll through Pinterest and the Explore page on my food Insta, and get ideas. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

But then there’s the other side – they kinda make me anxious! I’ll be sitting there, watching a girl make a smoothie, and all of a sudden I’m like, “WAIT. I don’t use hemp milk in my smoothie! Should I BE USING HEMP MILK IN MY SMOOTHIE?!”

Or some girl mentions that all she eats in a day is oatmeal for breakfast, shrimp salad for lunch, and a chicken breast for dinner and I’m like WOW WHY DO I EAT SO MUCH HAHAHAHA.

Ya know?

Well friends, NONE of that comparison-game here.

I’m sharing what I eat in a day because I want you to have that first reaction that I mentioned. I want to give you inspirations for recipes. I want to show you it’s EASY to eat healthy and love the food you eat as you fuel your body.

So a few disclaimers:

*I eat weird. It’s not weird for me. It works for me. But it might not be the kinda thing you’re in to. That’s cool! You can alter any of these dishes to fit your taste. If you want to do dairy milk, go for it. If you want to omit animal protein, go for it. That’s cool with me! 

*I am gluten-free and dairy-free. 

*currently I am doing somewhat of an elimination diet to get to the root of some gut issues. It’s a low-FODMAP diet (great info on it here), so I don’t eat refined sugar, I eat low-sugar fruits, and I stay away from legumes, starchy vegetables, and a lot of spicy things (including garlic and onions). 

*I feel like for a little human, I eat a lot. I’m 5’3 and have a light frame, but I have a fast metabolism. I’m hungry pretty much every 2 hours. So I eat! 

*I’d consider myself an intuitive eater. I eat what I’m hungry for, when I’m hungry. Over the past couple years, I’ve gotten really good at listening to my body and knowing it’s cues. I know what I’m lacking and what I need, so I balance my meals around that. 

*therefore, EVERY DAY LOOKS DIFFERENT. But this is the sort of thing I’ve gravitated towards lately. 

*and lastly, I’d consider this my “summer menu”. When I start working in a couple weeks (or if this was written back during the semester) I would eat breakfast much earlier, and then every meal after that would have to be earlier as well. And my meals will probably change when I start working, so that they are bring-to-work friendly! 


I’m calling this “What I Eat in A Day” part 1 because this is a day where I work out!

When I work out and when I don’t work out can alter what I’m eating. You’ll notice today I have a more carb-y breakfast to fuel my morning workout. (And for workouts – I normally do a HIIT gym session or a run!)

Pre-breakfast drink: 7:45 am

hot lemon water

First thing after I wake up, I make some hot lemon water. I actually have gotten so into having these EVERY morning, that I pre-slice my lemons, so I can just grab a couple lemon wedges from the fridge each morning and squeeze into my mug. I sip this slowly and it wakes me up and gets my digestive system going!

Breakfast: 8:00 am 

Oats with chia seeds, strawberries, almond butter, cinnamon, and maple syrup

I LOVE OATMEAL. Previously, I would load my oats up with bananas, brown sugar, and sometimes even more fruit, but I found that to hurt my digestive system. I would get headaches from the excess sugar in the morning, so it works better for me to just stick to strawberries (a low sugar fruit option) and bulk up the oats with protein and fiber from the chia seeds.

My almond butter is the self-churn kind from Whole Foods, and I love getting it this way because it’s JUST unsalted almonds. No excess oils, sugars, and yucky stuff. (And it’s cheaper.) I know the HEB’s by me also have the option to self-churn your nut butters, so just check if your local grocery store lets you do this if you don’t have a WF nearby.

–Workout is sometime around 9 or10–

Lunch: 11:30 am

Eggs, greens, and veggies 

I have an early lunch because whatever I ate that morning is GONE after a tough workout. It’s funny because these past two weeks I have been staying with Cam in his apartment in Fayetteville, and he lives with a ton of other people. Everyone would start wandering out of their rooms at this time to make themselves coffee and/or breakfast, and I’d already be on lunch 😂

I love eggs for lunch. It’s a good source of protein and fills me up. I either scramble everything together using one egg and one egg white, or I do two fried eggs. I will also often times add turmeric to my eggs as an anti-inflammatory agent.

For veggies, I love roasted carrots and zucchini. I do my zucchini on the stove in some coconut oil and coconut aminos. For the carrots, I bake them by first mixing them in a bowl with some organic maple syrup, olive oil, pink Himalayan salt, and black ground pepper. Then I but those on a baking sheet in the oven at 400 for 30 minutes. They reheat really well! They soften in the fridge, but they’re still juicy!

For greens lately, I’ve been sautéing kale on the stove in the same olive oil and coconut aminos mixture that I do for my zucchini. I find kale to be super cheap for a large head of it. Don’t be afraid to put a TON on your pan because it wilts a lot when you cook it.

Afternoon Matcha 


I don’t always have matcha. Maybe 3 times a week…..but as I write this I’m at my favorite tea house in Fayetteville enjoying a big ole cup, so I thought I’d share how much I love this magic green potion.

I mentioned on my Instagram that I finally perfected my at-home matcha latte. (However, I will never object to going out to get one at a place that makes them really well….like today!) I’ve loosely quit coffee, so I’m all into a matcha every now and then for a healthy boost.

Here you can snag my perfect at-home matcha latte (non-dairy), but let me keep rambling bout this drank real quick.

So I actually just bought some matcha powder from Savoy like 35 seconds ago and I’m now returning to my laptop to tell you about how I just got MATCHA-CATED:

I’d been hearing that you can’t just buy any matcha. Even if you see a great deal on Amazon, it may just not be the same. There’s all this mumbo-jumbo called 1st flush and 2nd flush, and after asking the helpful people at Savoy about it – it basically means the leaves of the plant. The 1st flush means the leaves at the top of the plant that are presumably the best quality for the matcha and 2nd flush is just below that. Savoy gets their matcha sourced straight from Japan so it’s LEGIT. So I bought an ounce.

And FYI….an ounce = about 30 tsps. Which for me, lasts a little more than a month with me using it in smoothies, for baking, and the at-home latte. YAY.

And let’s say it costs you $15 for it each month. You use it every day for a cup. That’s a 50 cent matcha latte every day! Or you could pay $4.50 for one at the cafe a couple times a week and spend $54 a month. So yeah…the matcha powder is #worthit.

Afternoon Snack – 2:30 pm

Peanut butter chocolate chip LaraBar

I’m picky about bars right now. I love them because it’s convenient and I can bring them anywhere. (The movies, the mall, the coffee shop, the doctor’s office – anywhere!)

But so many of them have all this DANG YUCKY STUFF. Like tons of sugar or tons of fake ingredients. Ya’ll I’m sorry to be that Debby-downer person about additives and all that. But just for me, it’s IMPORTANT that I check ingredients. I’m doing that refined-sugar free thing right now to help my digestive issues, and I also can’t have a lot of nuts and stuff, so I’ve just gotta be Crazy Miss Nutrition Lady.

Larabars are my safe option. I’ve yet to find a bar with as good ingredients. (Perfect Bars and goMacro bars are pretty close competition though!) And these bars keep me FULL. I don’t count calories, but I realize that since these are around 230, they are a good sized snack. Some people could call that a meal, but I call it the perfect thing to hold me till dinner.

The only problem is – I don’t like most LaraBar flavors.

But I’ve realized – if it tastes like peanut butter, I’ll like it.


Dinner – 6:00pm 

Protein on the grill with tons of veggies

My favorite health and food-blogger, Lee From America, put it best. She mentioned on her Instagram that the typical American diet just didn’t work with her digestive system.


The sugary breakfast, rushed and light lunch, and then the late, heavy dinner make my stomach churn and my head pound. Ever since I focused on a low-sugar breakfast with healthy fuel, a large balanced lunch, and a light but filling dinner early on in the evening (sometimes even as early as 5:30), I’ve had so much more energy, better digestion, better sleep, and clearer skin!

I have Cam to credit for most of my dinners. I help with the prep, but he grills everything! (Sorry for totally sticking to gender roles here, but I’m honestly just not much of a griller and he loves it 😂)

We either get chicken breasts, but sometimes we do fish for me. (Wild salmon or tilapia…..Cam doesn’t do seafood, haha.)

We are both not into loading them up with a ton of salt and stuff, so we normally just do lime juice, sometimes oil, and a bit of pink salt and ground pepper. I’ll sometimes do turmeric on mine!

Then for veggies, here are the ones we LOVE:

-bell peppers (I can only have red, yellow, and orange on low-FODMAP) 



-romaine (yes, you can grill it! Cam puts a bit of salt and pepper on it and it’s YUM)




It may seem weird that we don’t have any starch/grains, but honestly this fills us up since we have SO many veggies and a healthy source of protein. I will eventually try to reintroduce avocados into my diet, so I would totally add half here, and I’ve also wanted to experiment with making my own paleo pesto to add to these dishes.

Dessert – 7:30 

Emmy’s Organics Vanilla Bean cookie with dallop of almond butter, maple syrup, and vegan chocolate chips

Microwave for 30 seconds to get everything mushy! 

I need dessert pretty much every night. I think it’s my body’s cue that it’s time to go to sleep! I don’t like to eat after 8pm since I go to bed around 9, so I’ll have it right around 7:30 and only a little so my stomach isn’t super full when I try to go to sleep. I don’t always do this dessert….sometimes just a small bite of dark chocolate!

And PRO TIP people: I buy a lot of my specialty health foods from TJ Maxx. (#notsponsored.) That’s where I got these cookies and they were much cheaper than they are at Whole Foods! I also found my turmeric there, and they also have smoothie powders, Himalayan salt, honey, teas, chia seeds, etc.

Well now that this is the longest post EVER, I better sign off and leave you to your day! I’d love for you to show me if you make any of these recipes/try anything out, so feel free to tag me on Instagram or just send me a message so I can see!



  • Girl i totally feel you about the weird chemical stuff that are in most bars! Like is it that much to ask to just have straightforward ingredients?? Larabars and GoMacro are also my favorites right now! It’s so satisfying to read the ingredients list and actually know what they all are haha.