Weekend In Our Life + Video Diaries


Weekends are my favorite. (I mean, who hates weekends? Probably the same person who hates puppies, am I right?)

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This semester, Cameron and I have traveled almost every weekend – sometimes together (like for lacrosse games) and sometimes apart (like when I had my blog conference). Now that lacrosse season is over and farmer’s market season is back, we are looking forward to a few relaxing weekends here in Fayetteville before we head back to Houston.

We especially needed a fun and restful weekend this time around.

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STORY TIME: On Wednesday, I was having really (really, really) bad cramps, but I tried to go about my normal day. We went to our favorite taco place for lunch and I felt so bad that I got a to-go box for my food and just sat with Cam while he ate. We were about to leave and I got up to go to the bathroom and immediately regretted the decision to get up and walk by myself. Everything started spinning and everything turned bright white. I was really hot and sweaty (gross) and horribly dizzy. When I tried to walk back to Cam and tell him how bad I felt, I couldn’t really get the words out and I couldn’t hear anything. Cam laid me down on the booth and someone got me a cool rag and some water. I remember being really scared and trying to say the “Our Father” in my head but I couldn’t remember the words. Cam called my dad and we decided I should get checked out. The clinic we go to couldn’t do anything for me and suggested we go to the emergency room. Once at the ER, they took me back really fast, did an EKG, and after struggling to stick me (apparently my veins are “the smallest they’ve ever seen”) they got an IV in my wrist and I started feeling better. I got a glamorous lunch of a ham sandwich, applesauce, potato chips, and gatorade and they let me go with some pain meds once my blood pressure and heart rate got better. THE END.

Cam was literally the best boyfriend ever (as he always is). He didn’t leave my side, he held my wrist when they had to stick me there, and he didn’t forget my to-go box full of tacos so I could eat them later…haha.

I’m still feeling a little off and dizzy at times (hence, no #askCWH video this week)  but this weekend definitely helped me to recharge.


10:30 am Cam knew that I was bummed that I had to pass on Zumba this week, so he offered for us to go on a walk downtown. We rode the moped to Dickson St. (basically our Main Street, 6th Street, whatever you wanna call it) and we walked around for about 30 minutes and enjoyed the weather.

12:15 pm We went to Panera for lunch. My grandma gave me a gift card, so it’s basically a free meal…heehee.


12:45 pm WHOLE FOODS TIME! I love stocking up on my favorite items there while still maintaining my college girl grocery budget. Cam turned 21 last weekend and we found the American version of his favorite Irish pear cider there! I got a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies and did a haul on snapchat: cristina.snaps

1:30 pm We went to go walk and play with the puppies at the animal shelter. We’ve been volunteering since we first started school here and we always love getting some puppy therapy and just getting to socialize the dogs so they can find loving families.

Animal Shelter 1 from Cameron Threlkeld on Vimeo.



2:30 pm Sonic……because it was happy hour. 🙂

4:00 pm I showered because 1) I felt like I smelled like dog and 2) I HATE when my hair doesn’t smell like shampoo. Is anyone else like that? If I smell like “outside” – I’m done. I have to wash my hair. So yeah.

4:10 pm Snapchatted about the nasty bruise on my wrist from where my IV was.

4:30-4:50 pm My grandma called me to check up on me so we chatted.

5:00 pm Walked over to Cam’s to watch some HGTV before dinner and check out the Go-Pro footage from the day


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7:00 pm Had chipotle

8:00 pm Started making this blog post (hey, hey!) and watched some YouTube videos

10:00 pm Finally went to bed after I fell down the rabbit hole of watching Youtube and Netflix.



7-something am Woke up because my internal alarm clock hates me. (Oh well, early bird catches the worm!)

8:30 am Breakfast: hot lemon water, a cara cara orange, and quick oats

9 am Got dressed because you can’t go to the farmer’s market in pajamas (well, you could.)

9:30 am Took the moped to the farmer’s market!

Farmers Market 2 from Cameron Threlkeld on Vimeo.


9:43 – 10:30 am Walked around and pet more dogs. The animal shelter brings the dogs out to the farmer’s market to socialize and hopefully find forever homes! We saw all the dogs there that we played with Friday and got to say hi again. Monroe had an application on her, so that was great news! Fingers crossed that these cuties get a new home soon!

10:30 am Went on the hunt for coffee on Dickson Street and we saw all of these people and tents set up. Better yet, there were dogs EVERYWHERE. Some were dressed in costumes and tutus; we figured something involving dogs was about to happen, so we took a seat on the curb. All the dogs and their owners started lining up behind a big banner and then there it was – a DOG PARADE! Aka, best day ever.

10:45 am Went back to where the farmer’s market was to get coffee at my usual place since I’m not adventurous enough to try somewhere new…heehee.


10:50 am Walked around the farmer’s market again since I wanted to drink my coffee before getting on the moped. We got to see more dogs, so that was nice. (Have you noticed we never buy anything? Yeah, just in it for the dogs and occasional pictures of fresh flowers.)

11:00 am Headed home

11:15 am Showered and snapchatted about the cute dog I saw (cristina.snaps ya’ll!!)

11:30 am Did some dishes and picked up my room

12:00 pm Went over to Cam’s to decide what to do for lunch

12:30 pm Ended up at Grub’s since we found a coupon. It’s basically like a bar and grill type of place. We have a really great icehouse back at home and I feel like nothing can replace that, but it’s still good.

1:15 pm Went to the mall because why not 🙂

1:30- 2:00 pm Window shopped. The only things I’m really coveting lately are these babies.

2:30 – 4:45 pm Worked on this post, watched the Rockets game, watched YouTube videos


5:00 pm Met up with our friends Jill and David at Hill City Popcorn to stock up on some snacks! We hadn’t been before, so we sampled a TON of different types of popcorn (they have sweet, savory, fruit flavored, and specialty) until we decided.

5:25 pm Went through the car wash next door and vacuumed the inside of my car. Going through car washes always remind me of the Sarah Dessen book where they go through the car wash and play classical music really loud….I think it’s supposed to be a metaphor or something, but ever since then I always turn the music up while in a car wash.

6:00 pm Went to dinner with Jill and David.

8:00 pm Got home from dinner and since I hadn’t ate anything, I made myself a bowl of pinto beans with sautéed sweet peppers and some chili powder.

8:30 – 9:30 pm Researched eyelash extensions because I WANT THEM SO BAD! Please comment below your review if you’ve had them before and where you get them done!

9:30 pm Went to bed and didn’t have to take any pain medicine like I normally have been, so I’m definitely starting to feel much better!



9:26 am Yes I remember the exact time I woke up because I HAVEN’T SLEPT THIS LATE SINCE LIKE 2009. (A bit of an exaggeration, but still….guess my body needed it.)

9:45 am With that being said, I missed Mass, but I planned to look up what the readings were for today after breakfast and grocery shopping

9:50 am Breakfast – champagne mango, oats, hot lemon water

10:30 am Went with Cam to Whataburger so he could get honey butter chicken biscuits and I brought my mangoes in so we could eat together….heehee.

11:00- 11:30 am Walmart! I caved and bought stuff to make PB&J’s because I’ve been hard-core craving them for a couple weeks now. Through my health journey, I’ve found it’s just better to let yourself have what your craving, but to have it in moderation. If I want sweet, I’ll buy a dark chocolate bar and take little pieces off of it each time I want some.

12:00 pm – Worked on this blog post


1:00 – 2:00 pm Lunch at our favorite spot…Loafin Joes.

2:30 pm Went to Whole Foods again because I saw on their Instagram that they were having cool samples. When we got there, all that was left were empanadas, but they were delicious.

3:00 pm Went and said hi to some family friends that live across the street from us

4:00 pm Worked on this blog post some more. (Do any Wordpress users out there get HTTP errors when they import photos to their media library? I’m having trouble with that lately!)

4:00 – 6:45 pm Worked. I had a teensy bit of Spanish homework and some emails to attend to. I social scheduled for this post using Tweetdeck (here’s a post on how to do that) and also worked on a separate, non-blogging creative project that I’m a part of.

7:00 – 8:00 pm Made and ate dinner with Cam since we both had picked up some potatoes on our grocery trip. We just baked them and I did a side of asparagus! I’m trying to add some more iron into my diet and asparagus is one of my favorite veggies.

8:30 pm Went for ice cream at McDonald’s because Sunday #treatyoself

8:50 pm Blog, blog, blog

9:30 pm Bedtime because I’m a grandma


Well there you have it, ya’ll! Let me know if you enjoyed this type of posts and if you’d like to see more in the future. Have an awesome week!



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