The Only 6 Things Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

the only 6 things every girl needs in her closet. create a time capsule wardrobe with these essentials

If you follow me on snapchat (cristina.snaps) then you’ve seen how tiny my collection of clothes is.

I simply do not spend a lot of money on clothes. I buy staples that I can wear loads of different ways and invest my money in other things that I value more such as trips, gifts for loved ones, resources for my blog (i.e. webinars, conferences, e-books), and oh yeah….tacos.

I don’t consider my wardrobe to be lacking, and I’ve never had any “Lizzie-McGuire vs. Kate Sanders outfit repeater” moments.

I know that with the warmer days of sunshine and cookouts ahead of us, we’re inclined to break out our wallets and hit “add to cart” on every sale we see. That’s fine! In fact, I totally support it! (Be my friend so I can shop your closet…haha!) However, we need to be smart shoppers. If you’re going to buy, buy one of these staple items that will last you FOREVA and will be easy to dress up and down.

Chambray shirt

I talk about my chambray shirt that I’ve had for 4+ years like it’s my soul mate. I mean it really was love at first sight and we truly are inseperable. I dub it my best purchase to date – especially since I scored it at Forever 21 for under $25. (I’m guessing….all the hairspray I used back in 2012 is clouding my memory!) Just head on over to my Instagram account (@cristina96x) and count how many times you see it!

Your dream denim

I have one pair of jeans. One. (I don’t know if this breaks some unspoken girl code, but if so, have pity on my penny pincher soul!) Now, I’m not saying you should only have one, but I do think you need one every day pair of jeans. Get the boyfriend pair and the distressed one that makes you look like Vanessa Hudgens, but find your dream denim that goes with everything. I’ve been repurchasing the high-rise jeggings from American Eagle longer than T Swift’s been a pop singer.

In-between jacket

I’m from Houston, so the weather is always iffy. My best blog pal, Rachel, is planning a trip to visit me and she recently asked me when the weather would be about 80 degrees. My reply? “Oh…December. April. Maybe October.” Houston weather is crazy, ya’ll. A lightweight jacket that goes with everything is a must no matter how crazy the weather is where you live!

Flirty skirt



pictures by Katrina Mai (instagram: @katriinamai)


When it comes to spring style, I’m a skirt over a dress person. I’ll get more wear out of a skirt since I can pair it with so many different tops and accessories. (But don’t get me wrong, I love a good dress for those warmer months.) I got this skirt at Francesca’s to go to my conference in. I think it’ll be a great option for confirmation/first communion season, summer dinner dates, 4th of July backyard parties, and more!

Lightweight sweater

I love thicker long sleeve tops because again – Houston weather is crazy. (And Fayetteville’s can be a little iffy, too!) I have several and I typically shop them from my favorite girl-on-a-budget stores such as Forever 21, Old Navy (my love, my life), and H&M. Incidentally, my favorite ones this year were in the Pantone colors. They work for most seasons, so I get a lot of wear out of them by dressing them up and down and layering them!

Something trendy

I think every girl needs that out-of-her-comfort-zone piece. Just don’t go too far out of your comfort zone because you do want to wear this a lot and get your money’s worth! Over spring break I tried on this jean dress at H&M and had a 5 minute staring contest with myself in the dressing room mirror to decide if it was “too trendy” for me. Considering I could think of how to make it work for 3 seasons (sandals and bright accessories in the summer….tights and booties in the fall and maybe part of winter) I took it home with me! It’s my new favorite piece!

What is a must-have for your closet? Search the hashtag #CWHcloset on Instagram to see what’s in mine! 




  • First of all, that skirt is so cute! Secondly, I am the MOST denim-obsessed person in the world, but I agree that everyone needs a pair of jeans that they absolutely love!
    -Anna |

    • cristina

      Hey thanks so much! I’m turning into a denim monster – I have my favorite pair of jeans, a denim dress, and I’m really eyeing a denim skirt! Thanks for reading 🙂

  • You look SO CUTE CRISTINA! I definitely agree that everyone needs chambray in their closet, it’s one of my favorites.

    Rachel |

    • cristina

      Hey thanks gal pal! I plan to be buried in my chambray top.

  • To me a good pair of jeans and Chambray are definitely essentials.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • I just bought a chambray shirt and it’s quickly become a closet staple! For me, my white converse are a closet staple. I wear those with almost any outfit and they’re so comfy.

    • cristina

      I don’t have white converse, but my sister does and she has to wash them practically every other week since she wears them so much! It’s so nice having something that just goes with everything 🙂 worth every penny!

  • I love that skirt! I agree with all your essentials, but I do love me some cute dresses 🙂

  • That flirty skirt, though!! 😀

  • Totally agree. My chambray is probably one of my most worn pieces!
    Kayla || Keynotes from Kay

  • all such cute picks! I am a huge advocate for denim, it goes so well with everything! x, kenz

  • Chambray shirts are so versatile! And I love AEO jeans as well, such a good price and so many fits (as compared to designer jeans)!!

    xoxo A

  • Elana

    I love this outfit!

  • I totally agree with this! These are must haves and I love your outfit.


  • I loveeeee that skirt – I totally agree with this post! I’m going to check out the American Eagle jeans that you mentioned.

  • Danielle

    I agree that a girl needs all of these in her closet! I love your outfit.

    xoxo, Danielle

  • Amy

    Yes to chambray shirts! I wear my all the time!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  • Yes! I have so many random things in my closet, but I always end up going back to my trusty few items that I just love! I could easily live off of just the few staple items you mentioned.
    AND I am still in love with that Francesca’s skirt and the entire look. I loved it in person, and I LOVE it even more with that adorable background shot!

  • I couldn’t agree more with your list — especially a flirty skirt. It’s funny but statement skirts with feminine silhouettes are probably the thing I reach for MOST in my closet!

    Love this outfit too!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  • Firm believer that every woman needs to own one piece that’s out of her fashion comfort zone – we all need a little edge here & there! x Nicole |

  • Yes to all of these must haves!

  • I agree with all, all of these!!!

  • Couldn’t agree more! Those 6 pieces are the key to a versatile wardrobe. PS, love your “flirty skirt”!!
    –Danika |

  • Dana Gibson

    Just coming across your page and love this post! You have definitely chosen the absolute essentials for all girls – I completely agree! Nice pictures too! XOXO

    Dana Gibson

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