Schedule Your Social Media Posts: #askCWH episode 3

ask CWH

Hey, hi, how ya dern?

Social media scheduling is near and dear to my heart because it is what allows me to “do it all”. I blog, go to class every weekday, attend bi-weekly meetings for school clubs and organizations, and remember to call my parents every once and a while.

Are you a….


small business owner?

college student?

high school student?

daughter? brother? girlfriend? boyfriend? sorority sister? frat star? Elvis impersonator?

….Then social media scheduling is going to make your life oh-so-simple. (You’re welcome.)

Breaking it down for you guys today in the 3rd video installment of #askCWH:




No headphones? No problem.

How I use Hootsuite


I use Hootsuite primarily for scheduling my content on Facebook, but you can add up to 3 social media channels fo free. I like to notify readers twice a day on blog post days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) that there is an awesome post on my site for their reading pleasure! I schedule the message within Hootsuite and then sit back and relax….which often times is me doing all the other things that need doing on my to-do list!

How I use Tweetdeck


Tweetdeck is my go-to for Twitter. When I have a new blog post, I tweet several times that day letting all my lovely Twitter friends know that I’d love for them to check it out. It’s also great to link back to old, evergreen content. Tweetdeck is laid out the same at Hootsuite, so once you master one, you have mastered both! (And it’s super simple.) I schedule my tweets, sit back, sip coffee, and probably do some studying #tbh because…college.

So…sorority bake sale coming up? Mom’s birthday tomorrow? Super cool blog post just went live? You’ll want to social media schedule that.

I’ll be doing some real-time video tutorials on my snapchat, so be sure you’re following cristina.snaps!

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Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Feel free to pin and share this post for future reference if you think social scheduling is going to be your new jam.