Current Favorites

I feel like moving and starting fresh gives me a whole lotta new favorites! When my surroundings change, I like to change everyyything from the perfume I wear to the way I make my coffee in the morning. I may even make a new playlist or two and start a new book. I just like to introduce new little joys into my life, so that I will always remember this season of my life by those things.

For example, Bath and Body Work’s Forever Red body wash always reminds me of my freshman year of college because I used it back then, and anytime I sip a green tea lemonade from Starbucks, I remember my morning drives to school senior year of high school. It’s a fun way for me to mark the passing of time. You should try it, too!

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Health and Wellness Haul

health and wellness products

In celebration of (finally) moving into the house, I decided it was time to break out some Amazon gift cards I’d been harboring.

I don’t know if any of you are like this, but I hang on to gift cards for YEARS. I just keep thinking, “Oh..something will come along that I really really want, so I should save this rather than just spending it right away.” But alas, I’ve learned that I’m not really a things person. I spend my money on travel and food, but I’m perfectly happy wearing the same jeans for 4 years.

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Letting Your Body Rest: The Ultimate Guide

Good morning my beautiful blog readers!

I have missed you! My dad asked me in the car on the way to dinner the other day if I still blogged, and in my head I ALWAYS feel like I’m blogging. Even if I’m not actually publishing a post, I’m talking to you guys on Snapchat, posting to my Instagram story, or sharing little bits of my life on Twitter.

I also just created an additional Instagram account all for FOOD! It’s basically all the healthy meals I prepare at the Bishjano Farmhouse (a.k.a. my new place that you will see on the blog soon when everything is finished). So if you haven’t, give @farmhouse_foodie a follow!

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What I Learned From Living in an Airbnb For 3 Months

Well, I know when it comes to my living situation, it’s kind of confusing. I feel like I talk about it all the time (read: too much), but then I’ll be grabbing coffee with someone and they’re like, “So, where do you live now?!” Haha.

The short version is: I moved back to Houston for school, and around that same time, my family began renovating a house near town. It wouldn’t be ready by August, so I needed a short lease at an apartment. I got that short lease at an apartment, moved out before New Years, but the house was sadly not ready. If you’ve watched as much HGTV as me, then you know how crazy and unpredictable house renovations can be! Picture a Chip and Jo house that they would buy to renovate….now make that house 75-80 years older and significantly in need of some extra love. That’s my house! So I needed a place for a couple more months and getting an Airbnb was a much better option than a long-stay hotel or another apartment lease.

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