Natural Cold Remedies

natural cold remedies

If I haven’t told you all over social media yet….I got a freaking cold!

(Feel bad for me.)

(Just kidding.)

But for real, I haven’t gotten a proper cold in forever. Ever since I started incorporating a healthy diet and exercise regime, I just upped my immunity. But bring on 3 presentations, 3 tests, and Texas allergies – I got hit. C’est la vie!

The first day of my cold, I took some DayQuil every 4 hours like the bottle said. But it made me groggy and made my stomach feel like a pit of hot lava. I’m not used to taking that much medicine in a day and I have a very (very) sensitive gut, so over-the-counter medicine can hurt me more than it helps me sometimes. I know not everyone’s like that, so don’t go throwing out the contents of your medicine cabinet. Just for me, I can only do Allegra allergy meds every now and then Tylenol for the desperate measures.

So day 2 I was like, “Ok…I’m gonna shake this with some good old FOOD AND HERBS.”

Not trying to sound woo-woo. Honestly, food is so powerful. Everything you eat has an impact on your body. You may notice you break out after too many orders of brunch fries or that you feel really great after a Green Goddess smoothie….that’s the power of food!

When I’m sick, I focus on fueling my body right. I eat healthy anyway no matter how stuffy my nose is, but I take extra caution that I’m eating the right foods for what my body needs during the times that I am under the weather.

I thought I’d share what I did last week to kick the cold!

Turmeric, Turmeric, Tur-mer-ic!!!

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It’s also got loads of vitamins in it, especially Vitamin C. (Great when you’re feeling icky!) It’s really great at reducing congestion, but just in case you aren’t as stuffy as I was – here are some other things it’s great for: 

-menstrual cramps

-healing and soothing acne

-improved ability to digest fats

-reduces bloating

-treats IBS

So I like to use turmeric A LOT. I’m backing off caffeine right now for GI issues, but you can find my turmeric latte recipe in this post. I’m interested in cooking it into a lot more food here and there, but this past week I used it in two ways: 

Golden Milk 

I needed something hot for my throat and was craving something frothy since I wasn’t going to do my standard matcha latte, so I made this!


-1 cup almond milk (or other non-dairy milk)

-1/2 teaspoon dried turmeric (it’s strong)

-1 tablespoon honey

-1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil

Whisk all of this in a small saucepan and then heat to low boil. Pour into a mug and add cinnamon. (I don’t strain mine because I’m lazy and I think it’s fine.) 

After drinking this, I felt the same warm, throat-coated feeling I get from over-the-counter cough syrup, but without any stomach pain or grogginess!


Turmeric Scrambled Eggs

Do you ever see something on TV that just sticks with you forever? I always think about an episode of Caillou I saw years and years ago when I’m sick.

Yup, Caillou. We all watched that bald-headed kiddo, don’t lie.

So there was this episode where Caillou was sick. His throat was scratchy and he came to sit down to breakfast and pushed away his usual bowl of cereal and glass of OJ. His mother (did she have a name?) made him scrambled eggs because she knew they’d be warm and easy on his throat.

So now whenever I’m sick….scrambled eggs it is!

I scrambled mine with some spinach, mushroom, green bell pepper, and zucchini! Once everything was mixing nicely in the pan, I added a couple dashes of turmeric, just like you’d add any other seasoning. You can’t really taste it much, but it definitely has all the benefits!

natural cold remedies

(Also used turmeric as a seasoning on some grilled chicken! Just lathered with some olive oil and sprinkled it on before it was thrown on the grill.)

High-vitamin C foods

I already take a Vitamin D and B supplement, but I decided since I was sick to really up my vitamin C intake. Rather than a glass of sugary orange juice, I like to get my vitamin C from my veggies!

Veggies high in vitamin-C:

-yellow bell peppers (great in egg scrambles, stuffed with ground turkey, or raw dipped in your favorite hummus!) 

-dark leafy greens (like kale and spinach: add into your smoothies, make a large salad, or cooked with coconut oil and spices as a side dish) 

-kiwi fruit (great on their own, blended into homemade green juices, or as a smoothie bowl topping) 

-broccoli (bake some for side dishes or add into macro bowls) 

-strawberries (as a topping for oats, in smoothies, on top of chia seed pudding, or cut up on a summer salad) 

Essential Oils

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, now is your time my friend. Cam and I both have Doterra diffusers, so luckily I was able to diffuse some goodies in his since I’m at his place for two weeks. I diffused a protective blend called On-Guard and a “Clean the Air” one. And when I really felt stuffy, I rolled a bit of peppermint oil under my nose to open up my sinuses.

Hot Showers Go a Long Way

Speaking of opening up my sinuses, each time I stepped in the steamy hot shower, it was heaven! I’d face towards the shower head, so the hot water would hit my face around my sinuses. It was always a quick fix to get me feeling a little better. I also love any of the eucalyptus/spearmint products from Bath and Body Works. Cam’s mom got me a body wash for Christmas and I love using that.

Take it EASY

I genuinely love to work out and get my body moving. It’s not something I do because I’m trying to look a certain way, I just like feeling like my body is strong. So normally, I go to the gym or do some kind of workout 5-6 days a week. I had every intention of hitting the gym the second I got to Fayetteville, but my body clearly needed rest.

Instead, Cam and I went for a good 3-mile walk one day in order to get some natural Vitamin D. (We both were sick by the way, haha…so we were in the game together!) It was nice to move my body the day after sitting in the car for 9 hours to get to Fayetteville, but it wasn’t a crazy workout that would push me back down into my sickness hole.

Day 3 of my cold is the day I refer to as the “hump”. It’s normally where I start to take a turn for the better! I didn’t have a sore throat anymore, just a nasty runny nose. (Sorry for the TMI.)

I went to the gym and just did what I felt I could. It turned out to be a great workout! Listening to your body can be so rewarding.


Not that I want you to be sick, but I do hope you use these tips next time you fall under the weather. They really helped me, and I love helping out you guys. 




  • Sorry you got sick girl! I woke up two days ago with a sore throat but it’s slowly going away. I was super achey this afternoon so I took a nap and I’m feeling a bit better. Just hope I’m back to feeling normal before graduation! I need to get some tumeric… you got me interested!

    Kayla |

    • Glad to hear you’re on the mend, girl! Naps can work wonders….and so can turmeric. Try making it into some tea with a cup of hot water, some lemon, and honey. (Just 1/4 tsp of turmeric….found mine at TJMaxx, but it’s also at regular grocery stores with spices.)