My Favorite Products For A Pamper Night

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I don’t know about you, but some nights I just come home and need to pretend I have apparated to a spa in the South of France, complete with warm, herbal tea and cucumber slices in the water.

This week, pamper night was on Tuesday because Riverdale season 2 premiered! My littlest sis Clara and I got all comfy in the media room upstairs and I was GLUED to that screen. I really haven’t enjoyed a show so much as Riverdale since Gossip Girl, so I was pretty pumped, and that called for a full on pamper night while watching the season premiere.

However, pamper nights are ususally Thursday nights. Dang my Thursday nights! I leave in the morning around 6:45 a.m., balancing my lunch box, a second cup of coffee to-go, and normally some kind of smoothie concoction in a mason jar. Then I sit in classes from 8:30-1. Then I make a mad dash home to study and maybe do some laundry or something productive for a couple hours, and then I prep my dinner (to-go again) and jet back off to school at 4:45 to sit in traffic for my 5:30-8:30 night class.

Oye. It’s a lot.

I’ve realized that when I come home, I’m going to want three things: pajamas, candles, and a warm shower.

I actually noticed that I was having the hardest time sleeping Thursday nights. I’d been having sleep problems in general, but the worst nights for me were those after my night class because I could. not. shut. off. my. brain. I would get in bed with a racing heart and then wake up around 2 a.m. putting together a customer journey map in my head and having conversations with myself regarding the differences in direct marketing versus direct selling.


So, I sat myself down for a talk. “Cristina, when you get home, you need to relax, dangit. Or you’ll be up at 2 a.m. with a handful of caramel popcorn and a roaring headache.”

(I have to have conversations with myself a lot if ya can’t tell.)

So, I thought today I’d share some of my favorite pamper-night products. I’m not a drugstore products-junkie because I find that even though these products are inexpensive, mindlessly filling your basket up with them equates to buying that tiny, extremely expensive vial of wrinkle cream at Neimans that Lord knows you don’t have the budget for.

These are some of my cost-friendly favorites and they are just what you need – nothing less, nothing more!

I wear lipstick a lot, especially now that it’s fall-time. (I shared my 6 favorite shades for fall here!) I find that all that lipstick wearing and re-applying makes my lips dry and chapped, so I like to use a sugar scrub on them in the shower. I also apply this on my legs before shaving! It makes them super silky smooth 🙂

Sugar scrub

I apply body lotion pretty much every morning and night, but it feels amazing after a hot bath or shower before I slip on my favorite soft, pj pants! I am currently loving Autumn Blooms from Bath and Body works, but I find that I’m always buying new ones until I have a mini body shop going on in my bathroom cabinet, haha.

Body lotion

After face masks, hair masks are my new obsession. I got one in my Caring Crate I posted about a while back and I love it! I just set it on my hair 30 minutes before I plan to shower, then I wash it off, and do an at-home blow-out. It’s great for just feeling a little extra pampered, and my hair is really soft and hydrated after.

Hair mask

I do one every week if I can because I just feel instantly relaxed and pampered when I put one on. Especially if my skin has been having a freak-out due to stress. (It happens.)

Face mask

I got a bottle of stress relief pillow mist when I first started college and that thing has been my best friend! It’s carried me through midterms, basic Econ exam terrors, and roommate conflicts. Ya know, it’s kinda a life saver!

Stress relief spray

What are your favorite products for a pamper night? I think I’ve got a few bucks burning a hole in my pocket that are dying for a trip to CVS!