Let’s Talk Mental Health + What’s To Come (Part 1)

I’m really glad that I finally decided to talk about my mental health on the blog.


I know I keep linking back to it, but if you still haven’t ready my post about my anxiety disorder, you can read that here to get caught up. I also followed it up with this post on the diet that I follow for my anxiety that really makes a beneficial difference.

Ever since I finally started talking about it, many of you have reached out to me via email and social media to let me know that you really could relate with me or were really glad that I opened up.

So I’m opening up again. Or opening up more, I guess?


This semester has been so hard, emotionally. If you don’t know, I transferred schools and live alone now and while I love my school, my classes, my professors, and color coding my planner on my couch watching Gilmore Girls in my pj’s at 8 o’clock on a Sunday night, it’s been really difficult.

I’m often times very lonely and that’s always been something that brings me anxiety. It’s not that I was never the person to hang out at the library by themselves or go grab food on their own, because I actually have always loved to do that. It’s just that, those were my times to be alone. The rest of the time, I had roommates to talk to, a campus five minutes from me full of my friends and classmates that I often met up with, and a boyfriend who lived about 25 steps away. I didn’t mind the days when no one wanted to make a Walmart run with me because it was quality alone time.

But now, it’s an every day thing. And it’s become quite unwelcoming in my emotions. It’s hard to wake up each day wondering whether or not I’ll actually do something fun with a friend or whether I’ll just end up sitting inside working by myself all day.

(If my family is reading this, it be super cool if I could get a dog, thanks!! Haha. Just kidding. Kinda. Haha.)


School is stressful, too. My classes are hard and my schedule is packed. Last year, Cameron and I would take breaks to go on walks or moped rides. Our study break was smelling candles at Target or grabbing jalapeΓ±o chips at Loafin Joes. My friends would invite me to coffee and I’d always have that to look forward to in a week, but here it’s different.

I’m thankful for the friends I do have here. The issue with my college now is that most people commute, so the friends I have in school may still live 30-45 minutes from me and we can’t necessarily go grab sushi together whenever we feel like it.

Anyway, it’s just been tough, and I feel like it’s taken a toll on my blogging schedule.

I write about what’s going on in my life and tailor it to be helpful to an audience full of high school and college aged girls looking for knowledge to help them grow as students and women. That’s why you see healthy grocery lists, moving tips, study hacks, and even beauty tips.

However, what’s truly going on in my life is a lot of anxiety. A lot of tough days. A lack of sleep, a lack of confidence.

But I’ve truly dealt with this for most of my life, and while some years or semesters are harder than ever, one thing that rings true is always push myself to keep going. I accept the way I feel and focus on growing.

I want to continue to publish blog posts regularly.

I don’t feel discouraged creatively that I’m in a rough spot. I guess I’m somewhat of an artist who understands that sometimes I need to feel not so good to be able to create some beautiful things. I like to lose myself in my creative work when I feel down because it really gives me something positive to focus on.

I’ve asked you guys on social media before, but I’m asking here again.

I need your help.

I want to continue writing through this time. I want to be able to put out a blog post on my good days and my bad. I know that some people may be more inclined to take a break when things are looking down, but writing really helps me.

And I write about what I know.

So if you could take a couple minutes out of your day, to drop a question or comment into my “Question Box”, I’d be very appreciative. I want to know your questions about anxiety and mental health or topics you want covered. For once in my life, I’m an open book. I know that helping people brings me happiness and I cherish every laugh and smile I get in a day.

I will continue to have a variety of content, but so long as I feel this tugging in my heart to really focus on a bigger issue that isn’t talked a lot about over the blogisphere, I’d like to capitalize on that. So let me know what you’d like to see.

What do you struggle with? What do you need tips on? Is it anxiety in school? Social situations? Do you wish you knew how to exercise to help with your anxiety? Are you curious about podcasts? Books? Therapy styles? I want to help!

Put it in the question box, and thank you for making my day!

I love you all so much, and I really appreciate every snapchat, every Instagram comment, and every tweet. Sometimes you’re there just when I need you the most, and I know you might not know that, so I wanted to let you know.

BY THE WAY – This is part 1 of my “re-brand” I’m introducing. I don’t know that re-brand is the best term for it because I won’t be changing the site in any way. (My name, color scheme, blog theme, etc.) However, I am focusing on a specific kind of content and really working to make that more of a theme for Cristina Was Here. So stay tuned, Thursday I’ll go into all of that.

Thank you! I love ya’ll.




  • Hey sweet girl! I clicked on your post this morning because I felt like I could relate and holy cow that is so true. I used to live with my best friend, and it was amazing. She moved out to live with her SO and now I spend my days how you do — wondering what I’m going to do and whether I’ll be around people. My sorority community has helped in a lot of ways with this, but it’s more of a struggle than it used to be for sure even with the addition of greek life. Like you said, I’m totally fine hanging with myself, but I used to be able to choose when I was alone and now I feel like I lost that choice. I really appreciate you opening up and I can assure you that this post is going to reach and impact more than you think! While I’m not the best example because I haven’t blogged in what, two weeks?? I encourage you to push through and keep writing!! Email me and get my number if you ever want to talk! You got dis.

    xoxo Savannah

    • cristina

      Aw Savannah you are the best!! I love that you put yourself out there and joined a group – that’s so awesome. I hope you have the BEST year in your sorority! I joined a writer’s group and while we don’t meet that much, it’s been great to have a small group that I can go to and relate with. We should totally skype sometime and get to chat! Have a lovely week!!

  • I went through something so similar when I switched high school.
    Up through my freshman year of high school, I could walk to my best friends house, and we can hang out all afternoon if we wanted. But my sophomore year when I switched schools, things really changed. It wasn’t until I was in college, and developed my own routine and really got in to the swing of things that I saw a huge mental health change!
    Keep on trucking girl, this too shall pass!
    I can’t wait to see the direction your blog goes with the changes!

    • cristina

      Thanks Tiffani! You’re such a great friend and I’m glad blogging led me to you! I love what you said about developing a routine. I’ve joined a new club recently and I’m trying to find some new spots around town that I love. I think that will really help! Thank you for your support! πŸ™‚

  • I totally understand what you’re going through. I transferred prematurely (following my freshman year) because I had had such high expectations of what college would be like, and I didn’t know what else to do when the disappointment, well, sort of crushed me. Like you, I moved into an apartment by myself. I’ve been living alone since the start of my sophomore year (I’m a junior now), and I do love it, but it was hard at first, for sure. As a transfer, I didn’t know anyone at my new school, and living off campus and by myself made it harder to meet people. I left my best friend and another great friend behind, and I miss not having those go-to people to text at any time to go out and do whatever. I do have friends at my new school, but it isn’t the same, and I don’t think it will be, to be honest. I’ve accepted what it is, and I’m going to make the most of every day that I’m here, especially because I now know this all happened for a reason. You’ll get through this! If you ever want to talk about it, I’ve been there, so feel free to reach out πŸ™‚

    • cristina

      Wow, we definitely are in the same boat! And you are so right…everything happens for a reason! That’s so admirable that you make the most out of every day. That’s definitely something I strive for! Thank you so so much for being so sweet. We should totally have a skype coffee date sometime!

  • I relate to a lot of this, Cristina. While I do wish that I had my own place to myself, I worry that if I ever got one I would get very lonely. I definitely think you should start writing more about these things because hardly anyone does! I’ll be a very loyal reader!
    -Anna | http://www.fivefootandfabulous.com

    • cristina

      Aw thank you so much Anna! I appreciate you so much πŸ™‚

  • Dont worry itll get easier i promise! Dont feel alone with this alot of people feel the same exact way and are in the same position! Stay positive and it will get easier and less stressful! Theres always good times after the hard times!

    • cristina

      Thank you Mckenna, you’re so sweet!

  • I have felt exactly like that. I think its one of the tough parts of growing up. I love mental health posts and blog posts that get into the nitty gritty of “real” life. i think thats what keeps us connected. keep your head up, it gets better and you can appreciate it on another level after feeling the difficult feelings.<3

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    • cristina

      Thank you so much, Rachel! I’m glad you enjoy this content as well. Thanks for being sweet and supportive!

  • This was so refreshing to read! It’s always great to be reminded you are not alone and everyone struggles from time to time. Thank you for sharing this post!

    • cristina

      You are so welcome – I’m glad you liked it, x!

  • I love how honest you are on your blog, Cristina! Change is sometimes such a hard thing, let me know if you ever need anything πŸ™‚


    • cristina

      Aw, thank you Katie! That means a lot, sweet girl!

  • This is great! Love how honest and candid you’re being. Excited to see what’s to come!

    Alix | http://www.apintsizedlife.com

  • I completely relate to your feelings of loneliness. After my friends moved away in college, I spent more time by myself and it’s something I’ve grown to live with. It does make me sad that I don’t have more friends I can contact and go out with on a regular basis. Somedays I see it as motivation to really get work done on my blog. I love how open and honest you’re being; it makes me feel like I’m not alone.

  • I’m so proud of you for writing this and so thankful that you did, because it’s exactly the type of thing I would’ve loved and would’ve found so helpful when I was still in school.

    You are not alone.
    You are never alone.

    Coming Up Roses

  • I was a transfer student as well, and my first semester after was one of the hardest times in my life. It might sound cliche, but it will get better. <3 Props to you for being so open and honest on your blog about the harder topics!! Hoping for a better spring semester for you! πŸ™‚

    xoxo A

  • I can totally relate to the whole being alone a lot thing. I decided to go to a college in a whole different state than I went to high school, and while I do love it here and have a couple great friends, I’m not surrounded by familiar faces to just talk to and hang out with whenever.

    Caitlyn | http://www.collegewithcaitlyn.com

  • You’re so great for doing this! College was really hard for me as well, and I’m so grateful that I had friends and sorority sisters to give me much needed breaks. Calling Matt throughout the day happened really frequently when I was stressed because he was a great reliever! Love that your opening up on your blog like this to help other people πŸ™‚

  • Wow, I relate so much to this post. I’m honestly so stressed all the time, but you can’t see that in any of my posts or social media. The stress definitely takes a toll on my blogging, but sometimes I have to take time for myself. Honestly, I would love to read about everything mental health related, especially from another college student. I struggle with anxiety and depression myself, so it’s always encouraging to know I’m not alone. I don’t have any questions now, but I will be back. Good luck, girl. You may not need it right now, but a little extra luck is always good for a rainy day.

  • Oh girl, I totally understand how you feel. I think it’s awesome that you’re taking a moment to regroup and rethink all that’s going on in your life along side the blog stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come on Cristina Was Here for sure! xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  • Hey Cristina

    I just came across your blog, and I have to say I just love your tone. You’re so open.

    College is so tough with anxiety and/or depression. I’ve dropped out twice due to depression, and am now trying for a third time. Not gonna let it beat me! And seeing posts like yours is oddly comforting, you know? Not alone and all that.

    I wrote a piece yesterday about a depressive episode day I had. It’s not an advice piece, just an account/insight. Id love if you’d read it and let me know what you think. I post occasionally about my mental health, and am thinking about doing so more often.

    Anyway, I’m glad I found your blog and I’m looking forward to reading more! Stay strong and best of luck with college.


  • Wow your blog is amazing x

    I can relate so much to this post! I didn’t post on my blog for over a year because of mental health issues. I’m also living on my own for the very first time so I totally understand you!

    Stay strong β™₯
    Lots of Love, Jenni xx