Healthy Habits to Adopt After the Holidays

Ok, so maybe you’ve been eating Christmas cookies like they’re grapes and you certainly have been trading the gym for an extra hour in bed to sleep off the Netflix binge you had the night before.

healthy habits for the new year

It’s ok. You’re human. It happens.

I’d like to think that we all keep our healthy habits during the holidays, but let’s be frank, shall we? The second that family member walks through the door with a platter of homemade treats my self control is GONE. I run, I eat quinoa and vegetables for fun, and it’s the holiday season damnit. I’m gonna eat the cookie.

But then, December 26th rolls around and I’m like, “Ok…back on track.”

So, yeah. Let’s do this.

healthy habits for the new year

Let’s talk some healthy habits you can adopt today. Don’t wait for New Years Day or for the pumpkin pie to be gone. After all, healthy habits don’t mean never eating a piece of pie again. We’re talking about strengthening your mind, body, and soul to give you the best mental health and energy in preparation for 2017! It’s gonna be a great year.

Start having a glass of water first thing when you wake up

Get that metabolism going, girlie! Imagine not drinking water for 7-10 hours. Ugh. Well – that’s what happens when you sleep! So replenish and renew your body before you even scroll through Instagram to like the New Year’s kiss pictures.

healthy habits new year

Find a workout you love 

Here’s the thing: you won’t workout and get your body moving if you dread it every day. Find something you like doing. If you were to tell me, “Hey, Cristina – I really only like working out when I do jumping jacks around my backyard and sing the alphabet backwards.” I’d be like – GREAT! OK! DO THAT! Haha. It’s really about what’s going to bring you joy when you lace up your sneakers.

Nows a great time to take advantage of holiday deals and New Year’s packages at gyms, cycling studios, barre studios, etc. Find something that gets you excited to exercise and schedule it each week!

Spend the first hour of your day social-media free

This is something I’m trying to do! It doesn’t necessarily make me unhappy to scroll through Instagram and Twitter first thing in the morning, but it does make me less productive. I want to spend that time drinking my water, having my coffee, reading a good book, or doing some creative writing. Try this with me and see how it boosts your happiness and health!

healthy habits for the new year

Craft your ultimate healthy grocery list

I have to recommend my healthy college grocery list for you guys. And if you’re fighting off any anxiety or depression, you should definitely read my Food for The Soul post on the anxiety diet! I’ve also recently been cutting gluten out of my diet here and there because it’s been a lot better for my anxiety and persistent stomach issues. I have a long-living grocery list on my phone that I can whip out anytime I need to! I also try to eat those good, healthy foods when I go out to eat.

Find freedom from your healthy habit haunters!

I’d categorize your “healthy habit haunter” as that one thing that you find so hard to give up, but know you should! For me a couple years ago, it was Diet Coke. I had 2-3 a day and it actually made me feel terrible, but I was pretty much addicted to it. One day I just woke up and decided it was time to be free of Diet Coke! I didn’t buy it at the grocery store, I didn’t order it at a restaurant, and now I don’t ever even have a hankering for it.

I’m not saying to restrict yourself from something. If I wanted to have a Diet Coke on special occasions or while traveling on an airplane or something, that would be totally ok. I just don’t want to feel like I’m a slave to it and that I can’t give it up for a while!

healthy habits for the new year

Practice making healthy meals

I know many of you may be for the holidays, so you’re not having to cook your own meals or eat at the dining hall. Try to use this time to perfect some new healthy recipes that you can make when you’re back at school! Search Pinterest for inspiration and have fun!

Decrease your caffeine intake

I’ve been trying to do this for a while now, but fell off the wagon during finals week. I’m using this time over the holidays to get back down to 1 coffee a day or less! I try to have green tea in the morning and lemon water for natural energy throughout the day. I even focus on getting a better night’s rest, so I don’t feel like I have to have coffee. You should try this, too!

Which healthy habit will you try to adopt?



  • All of these are such great tips! I’m excited to try your grocery list suggestions. That whole no social media one is a tough one as I sometimes try to limit my social media time to just that hour when I’m still waking up so I can be productive the rest of the day, it’s true though that you can easily lose control of your day (and emotions) because of something you read online first thing in the am.

  • The only workout I’ve ever loved was kickboxing! It’s been hard to find a studio here so beachbody on demand is the workout of choice right now! Great tips though. The holidays can be hard on everyone’s healthy habits.

    • cristina

      I’ve never heard of beachbody on demand, but I’ll have to check it out! I used to take kickboxing, too, but moved away from my gym! 🙂

  • I’m definitely guilty of not really being healthy during the holidays. I love the tips you mentioned! I’m going to try to cook some healthy meals so I’m ready once I move out to my new apartment!

  • Mmm the bananas and oatmeal just looked so delicious! I definitely try not to beat myself up over the holidays about straying from my healthful nutritious mealplanning, and realize forgiveness is just as healthy as eating well! I definitely drink way too much coffee though… next up on my to do list: decrease the caffeine haha

  • Healthy grocery list…totally working on that!!

  • Loooveee all of these tips! I have definitely wanted to stop scrolling on social media first thing in the am, and instead take the time to just read or do something else productive!

    Will definitely keep all of these in mind this year!

    xx, Jamie

  • These are great tips Cristina! Hopefully I can get healthier in the new year!
    -Anna |

  • Getting back on a healthy schedule is a must after the Holidays otherwise those NYE “weight loss” goals will be so much higher haha!

  • These sound like great ideas. I can’t wait to try some.

  • Haha these are all things I’ve been telling my mom I want to work on in the new year! This is a really great list 🙂

  • Such great tips! I never thought of drinking water when you first wake up but it’s so true!

    Greta |

  • Getting back into fitness is my resolution for 2017!! I had a good workout routine by senior year of college but then let it fall away after I graduated. I really need to find a good new type of routine that I am excited about! 🙂

    xoxo A

  • Love the tips! So practical and sensible!

  • Andddd those first sentences describe me perfectly and I do the opposite of all of these haha I spend the first two hours of my day drinking coffee like nobody’s business and pouring over social media… Oops! But I am hoping to make some changes!

  • I should make a healthy lifestyle change. but it can wait till new year….

  • My goal for 2017 is to get back in the gym and I can’t wait.

  • Love the advice about picking a workout YOU love. I may have to feature the jumping jacks + alphabet singing as a great new bodyweight workout 🙂

    My motivation has been lagging this fall due to some family stuff going on; this advice is the most important thing I’ve learned as a result.

  • I recently got into the habit of throwing some steel cut oats and water into the crockpot just before bed, and cooking oatmeal on low overnight. The oats cook to delicious perfection by morning, and we have a hot breakfast awaiting. Just add fruit and a little maple syrup. I started doing this because my son has been going to work as a barista at 4:15 AM. He was skipping breakfast and having a horrible morning at work.

    But, we all enjoy waking up to old-fashioned oatmeal. Although it’s hardly any work the night before, the next morning, I feel cared for. Yesterday-me did something loving and caring for today-me and for the whole family.

    I’m going to try avoiding social media for the first hour of the day. This will be quite a schedule change, but there are some other activities I’ve been wanting to add to my day, and freeing up that first hour could be a great way make time for them. In theory, anyway!

  • I feel like so many people want to wait until the new year but then never follow through! These are great tips to avoid this!

  • Cheers, lovely lady! Way to encourage us to all be unstoppable!

  • These are amazing tips! I’m trying to have some water first thing, and start my mornings with yoga with my partner!