Finally Moved In! My Room at The Bishjano Farmhouse

It’s April 11th as I write this and I just spent my first night in the farmhouse! Praise da Lord, ya’ll!!

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s still a work in progress. (Literally. There were workers knocking on the door at 7:15 this morning to come sand some stuff.) Nonetheless, I’m in love with how it turned out and so thankful for all the people who have been working so hard over the past year to get in complete, so my family could have our little farmhouse in our favorite area.

I’m all moved in, and my cousin is staying with me for a week, and then soon the rest of my family will be popping in and out. I practically cried tears of joy when I got to see my dad on a school day! The house being (almost) finished has really brought my family closer to me when I’m downtown, and I’m just feeling so over the moon about that.

Anyway, I wanted to give you all a bedroom tour. I’m sure I’ll move things around here and there and add some wall decor, but I always find it best to do bedroom tours when I first move in otherwise I’ll never do it, haha!

This is by far the cutest space I’ve ever had to decorate. (And the largest!) I love the wood and the true farmhouse vibes, so I channeled my inner Joanna Gaines to get a farmhouse styled room that still had the boho touches that I feel are my own personal style.


My dresser is from Ikea and I love how it has a ton of deep drawers! I actually don’t have a closet in here, so this holds a lot of my things. (I may get a clothing rack down the line…what do ya think?) On top I added little knick knacks that are pretty to look at: a teacup from Versailles, a jewelry holder I found in an antique shop years ago, an old Coke bottle to hold flowers, this tray from Anthropologie, a trinket box hand-carved and painted from Honduras, and an old fashioned tea box.

And then I also have my favorite Doterra essential oils and my Amazon Echo dot! I love using the dot to get the weather reports or set an alarm.


It has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to have a bookshelf! (My favorite part in Beauty and the Beast is when Beast shows Belle the library. Because that library is GOALS.) I bought this one from Target when I moved into my last apartment to use as a TV stand, but now since my parents got a TV stand for the living room, I get it as a bookshelf.

I have my favorite books displayed here as well as some other treasures. I also placed my record player up here that Cam got my for Christmas. It’s so fun to play my favorite records while hanging out in here! I also have a Scentsy that I love. Fun fact: you can’t burn candles in this house because everyyything is wood, so it could burn the house down real quick. ?

Side Table

My side table is from Ikea and I mainly use it to store my purses. ? I’m totally understanding what people mean about old homes having poor storage now! But on top of the night stand, I keep some more little trinkets: a juice container from my Austin trip that I like to put wildflowers in, my Quartz crystal (amplifies ones intentions and is a master healer crystal), an Eiffel Tower keychain Cameron got for me in Paris and a rock he found shaped like a heart when he was in Dublin.

Cam’s mom also makes these essential oil blends for me and this one is called “Stress Away” and it’s a mix that I love to use before I go to bed because it’s super calming.


My bed, pillow cases, duvet, and sheets are all from Ikea and all super cheap. I wanted all-white everything when I first bought these last year because I knew I’d want to change up my decor from time to time and the white allows me a blank slate. I’ve added pillows to make it a preppy-blogger-chic space, I’ve made it more minimal and added a tribal pillow to bring some boho into the space, and now I’m on the search for a pillow that will match well with the rug and the rest of the decor. Let me know if you have any favorite places to shop for throw pillows! 


My desk and chair are also from Ikea and I forgot how much I loved having them! For the past 3 months, I didn’t have a desk at my studio AirBnb. I mainly sat on the couch to do homework, and while I didn’t mind it, I’m totally loving having a designated work space again. I feel more productive already!

However, I decided to switch things up, and in the hopes of keeping my bedroom a calm, serene space of self-love, I didn’t load my desk down with organizers, folders, and school stuff. I hid all those things in the cabinets and instead set it up as more of a creative art space! I put my paintbrushes out on display and put all my art supplies in the drawer and I’m excited to have a little creative station.


The calendar I ordered on Amazon because I really wanted a cute botanical one. I also love how everything is also in French, haha. (I’m salty that my parents made me take Spanish in school instead of French. Maybe one day I’ll learn!)


I saw this rug on one of my many “moving-trips” to Target, and totally stopped dead in my tracks because it was SO. PERFECT. I didn’t even know I wanted a rug or what color it should be, but this one just seemed like it was meant to be in my room. (After all, it is my favorite color!)

And that’s pretty much it! I love my new little space and I’m excited to eventually show ya’ll the rest of the farmhouse. (Spoiler alert: it’s CUTE.) You can see little peeks on Instagram and Snapchat (cristina.snaps) here and there, so be sure you’re following along!