Do More of What You Love + What’s To Come (Part 2)

I was listening to a podcast recently where the host was giving some dating advice. “You should always have two crushes,” she said. “That way, if one is annoying you, you can just go to the other one.”


While I thought this might not be the best piece of advice I’d ever heard on a podcast, I loved what the host had to say next.

“You know, that’s actually true for life. Have two crushes. Have two passions at once, two things that you really love and can devote a lot of your energy to. That way, when one project gets tough, you can take a break and dive into the other. You’re always participating in this give-and-take. But you’re always doing something fulfilling….something you love.”

(Not a direct quote, but my recollection.)

That really struck me. I’ve always thought of my blog that way. It’s my side hustle, my passion project. I go to it when my extensive notes on the creation of the FCC or broadcast laws start to get a little fuzzy or when I can’t bring myself to conjugate another Spanish verb. It’s always the best break to do something I love.

However, lately I haven’t felt this way. This relief. Or release. I do think it has something to do with the state of my anxiety lately, which I touched on in Monday’s post. (Part 1 to this “hey, let’s try something new” little intro on the blog this week.)

I think I feel stressed studying, and then I feel stressed trying to create content that’s going to perform on Pinterest, bring in new readers, last for years as “evergreen”, and also please prospective brands.

It’s tiring.

I do love it though.

I’ve been kind of slow on blogging. Some weeks I have to skip a post because I find that I needed all my free time to re-coop from my week. Sometimes I’m at the library treating myself to new novels after a long exam or I’m at my dining table in the dim light of my apartment painting my worries away. I feel like I need to be there sometimes rather than scrambling something together for you guys.

But, I’m reminded each day that you guys really like Cristina Was Here as a little space for you on the internet. I’m honored and blessed to have become a part of your routine. The space you go to skim as you have your morning coffee or the web page you pull up when you’re supposed to be listening to a lecture. I love that, and I’m so thankful.

So like I said Monday, I don’t want to stop.

I want to re-focus.

Despite all the research and number crunching I’ve done over my 2 1/2 years for blogging, I’ve never found “the secret to success”. Sure, I’ve had posts that have gone semi viral and posts that get a great response from you guys, but surprisingly enough, those are my most personal posts. The ones that tell you you’re not alone in your anxiety, the ones that help you to be healthier and happier, and the ones that just pick you up when you’re down.

And you know what….

Those are my favorite to write.

(TAKE THAT PINTEREST! ……Just kidding. I still love Pinterest.)

You know what else?

It’s almost 2017.

2017!!! Holy moly. I’m almost 21 years old. I’m well over half-way done with school.

It’s time to do more of my favorite things. Our favorite things.

Let’s see….I love helping people. I love writing. I love writing things that help people. I love eating healthy, I love getting fresh air. I love painting and poems and good stories. I love talking and learning more about mental health. I love creating a conversation around how to be happier. I love self-care. I love face masks and bubble baths and watching Gilmore Girls all day.

I’ve always said I want my blog to be a branded version of myself. So, even though it’s not quite 2017 yet, let’s start now.

I’ll be posting a couple times a week here and maybe once a week on my Youtube channel. My posts will be an extension of myself. I’ll talk about life and, as normal, I’ll tailor that into a post full of tips and advice that can help you. We’ll talk about our favorite face masks here, but we’ll also talk about anxiety, depression, loneliness, self-love. We’ll have some recipes for healthy snacks, great beauty products, but we’ll also get real about life. Jobs, internships, relationships, moving away, making new friends, exploring new places.

I am going to try to be less strict on myself though. That’s another thing I really need to work on for 2017 and my mental health journey. For about a year, I’ve had a post up every Monday and Thursday at 7 in the morning followed by 4 tweets, a Facebook post, an Instagram share, and sometimes a Snapchat. It’s been routine. Ritual. But sometimes it’s unhealthy.

When inspiration strikes, it will be here, in writing. Or maybe in the form of a painting on my Instagram or snapchat. Or maybe it will be a chapter in my novel (excerpts of which are on my Tumblr account). Or maybe it will be a Youtube video.

I don’t know. But that will be the fun of it.

Ah. *Deep breath*

I’m so excited to create. I’m so excited to write. I’m so excited for 2017 and what’s to come.

Thank you for following along. Thank you for submitting your questions and comments on mental health. Thank you for supporting me. For welcoming me into your life as your friend and mentor. If you’re ever in Houston, let me know and let’s grab a cup of tea or go for a walk or get a cupcake.

Thanks for reading ya’ll. I’d love any post requests! Leave a comment below and have a beautiful week!