College Girl Guide to Apartment Decorating on a Budget

This time last year I was shopping around for decor to go in my very first apartment. My first year of college I lived in a dorm, and I wasn’t able to do very much to make it mine. I had some cute desk supplies from Target already in my possession, but I wanted a more “grown-up glam” decor collection for my new space.

apartment decorating on a budget

Home decor can be expensive. I think some retailers must sit around and go, “Some twenty something will definitely buy this gold-plated elephant simply because it’s cute. Let’s make it $60!” Haha.

All the home decor blogs taunt me with their fancy coffee table books that cost just as much as my biology textbook and rugs that could be a downpayment for a new car.

Apartment decorating on a budget doesn’t have to be a total struggle! I picked some pieces for you today that I know you’ll love and they’re all under $25! Most are from Anthropologie because I went in last weekend and fell in love with the decor.

Bohemian Decor


Modern Decor

Glam Decor 

Trendy Decor 

What are your favorite pieces?