8 Things To Do Now To Have a Relaxing Spring Break


Spring break 2016 is coming in hot! Time to break out the spring break essentials and get all your ducks in a row before vacation. Here are a few things to do now to have a relaxing spring break!

8 Things To Do Now To Have a Relaxing Spring Break

So it turns out that spring break 2016 isn’t months away, but it is happening in just a few weeks! Crazy right?! I’m definitely not complaining. I can’t wait to sleep in till 8, make a big breakfast of eggs and fruit, and spend the days poolside with my sisters and pups. I don’t want to hear the words “school”, “semester”, or “tests”. Before I can escape to paradise, I need to tie up some loose ends on the school/work front to ensure that I have the most rejuvenating spring break ever. You with me?

Here’s what you gotta do:

Clean your dorm or apartment

You can do this in one of two ways: (1) divide and conquer or (2) mass attack. Option 1: make a to-do list of all that needs to be cleaned (i.e. bathroom, bedsheets, laundry, vacuum) and do one task each day for a week. This method works best if you’re really busy with school/work leading up to the break. Option 2: set aside an entire weekend morning and attack. Make a to-do list with all that needs to be cleaned, blast some music or put on a movie, and get to it!

Turn in your assignments

Don’t get too busy brainstorming spring break ideas that you neglect your school work. (I know, not as fun.) Kind of self explanatory, but you don’t want any lingering assignments haunting you all break! The week before spring break, I am in intense school mode. I work, work, work to make sure I leave nothing to be done over the break, so I can fully enjoy my time off.

Go through your closet

Heading home for spring break? Now is a good time to take back your winter clothes, so you have less to take home at the end of the semester. Toss anything that you haven’t worn in a couple weeks into a “take home” pile. Don’t forget clunky boots and heavy jackets, too! You want your spring break essentials at the ready to make packing easier on you. You might find you need to make a trip to TJMaxx for some spring staples. (Aww, darn. Might even have to go to Target, too!) This way, you can justify that cute maxi you just got since you “really needed a spring break outfit”.

Go through your beauty products

In the past, I’ve had a bad habit of hoarding beauty products. I buy a new lotion before I finish the one I’m currently using and I get new eye cream before my tube is completely empty. To avoid clutter, I’ll go through my bins in my bathroom before packing for break. (This is my favorite polish for spring break nails!)

Toss trash

Receipts pile up in my car and bedroom drawers and little random sticky notes invade my every living space. Taking time to pick them up and show them to their new home (the trash can) makes me feel like I’ve really turned over a new, less cluttered leaf.

Go through your fridge and pantry

I eat up just about each and every thing I own, so that I leave nothing left when I head home. Obviously, some things will spoil, so I don’t want to leave them, but additionally, I want nothing to go to waste. Another self explanatory tip, but it’s important 🙂

Get your spring/summer accessories lined up and ready to go

I have a ceramic dish full of nail polishes on my dresser, and I recently went through it and took out all the dark greens and moody purples and added in bright pinks, purples, corals, and blues. I also like to display some of my jewelry on my dresser (if you have a jewelry organizer, use that!) so I made sure to set out my more colorful pieces that I like for spring.

Sort through your swimsuits

Everyone has that go-to, bright, spring break suit whether it makes it to the beach or the sunny patch of grass in the backyard. You will truly thank yourself in the future if you go through your swimwear now and make sure that every top has pads and each piece has a match.

What are your plans for Spring Break 2016? I’m headed back to H-Town to hang with my family and I could not be more excited. Pass the free food, please! ….Kidding! Kinda.