4 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

If they offered a class for credit on “hacks that will make your life easier 101” I’d add an extra class to my course load in a heartbeat. I’m always up for tips on how to be more productive or how to stay organized, but beauty hacks also have a special place in my heart. I want to look my best, but I want it to take 5 minutes….oh, and I want it to be cheap.

beauty hacks for makeup and beauty hacks for acne that every girl should know. plus, a no-heat hairstyle for natural waves

I like to focus on beauty hacks that enhance your natural features. You know…what your momma gave you. Well, my momma gave me combination to oily skin, hair that can’t decide if it’s wavy or straight, and (thank goodness) long lashes.

I like to play these features up as best as I can, so today I’m sharing my best beauty hacks that I think every¬†girl (no matter what your skin type or hair color) can adopt to her daily routine.

Ready for your new beauty routine?

beauty hacks - the benefits of lemon water

Lemon water 

After falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole and stumbling across a LaurenConrad.com article, I decided to give the whole “lemon water in place of coffee” switcharoo a try. It’s been almost two weeks, and I’m so in.

When you drink lemon water (be it in the morning, at your desk in the afternoon, or before bed) you feel like a majestic health goddess. I’m serious – I feel like I can feel my skin clearing and my energy level rising. There have been mornings where I watched one too many episodes of Gossip Girl the night before and I shamefully squeeze in a teeny, tiny cup of coffee after my hot lemon water, but hey – I’m human.

I think this could also be considered a beauty hack for acne, since my skin has been so clear since trying this!

How to perfect the bed head waves

a beauty hack to create no-heat, natural waves

I’ve always envied those that can roll out of bed and have their hair look flawless. Well, turns out creating natural waves isn’t as hard as it looks. (You truly don’t need mermaid genes to master this look.)

a natural no heat hairstyle for bedhead waves


Simply shower before bed and scrunch your hair into a bun. I recommend one of those fancy, schmancy no crease hair ties, so you don’t have a big dent in the morning. Since I tend to do this during the day, I like to secure mine with what I call my “soccer mom hair clip”. The scrunching part is KEY – it allows for those mermaid like crimps we all desire.

a beauty hack for a no-heat hairstyle to create natural, bed-head waves

Send me a snapchat if you try this! User: cristina.snaps

Keep your lashes curled all day

I’m really into lashes. If I could only have one makeup item in my cosmetic bag, it would definitely be mascara. (Until the day that I finally get eyelash extensions….then I want all the lipsticks.) I was so bummed that my eyelashes never stayed curled. They would look BOMB before class, and then when I got home a couple hours later, it looked like I didn’t even have mascara on.

keep lashes curled all day with this beauty hack

I searched for some eyelash curler tips and found this article from Cosmo. Since then, I’ve been rotating my curler so that my wrist points up to the sky for a more flared-out look.

Exfoliate without going to the spa

how to make your own DIY sugar scrub for exfoliation

I never understood the hype around exfoliating until moving away from Houston. (Aka: Humidity Central, USA) Up here in Arkansas my skin gets so dry that it’s painful. Ever since I went to Thrive Blog Conference and learned how to make this DIY sugar scrub, I’ve solved my skin problems. The recipe is right here – now go make your own! (And thanks to Whole Foods for the ingredients and tutorial.)

Which hack will you try? Do you have any beauty hacks that you love?