13 Things // January

ONE // I’m really starting to get into the swing of things, but not just with school, work, and night class. I just feel some kind of swing into the rhytym of life if that makes sense? I’m still not 100% with my head, but my spirits are SO much better than they were a couple months ago. I’ve gotten better at pain management and keeping my head up (literally and figuratively). I feel a really light energy about me now (most days) and I’m just feeling hopeful and happier. My schedule is CRAZY. I am either at work, at school, driving to one of those places, walking to one of those places, making food for those places, or sleeping so I can go to those places, but I feel so thankful for my ability to do all of that. I can thank journaling, deepening my relationship with God, increasing my self awareness, being around positive people (like my sweet boy Cam and my coworkers), and treating my body with love (good food + exercise + other wellness essentials) for that!

TWO // We got a puppy! I never shared because I couldn’t really find the words, but we unfortunately lost Chip shortly after Thanksgiving due to health complications. Our house felt very sad and empty without a pup, and Angela was yearning for a furry friend. She adopted Sofia (we call her Sofi for short) a couple weeks ago, and she is a little fireball! Unsure about what kind of pup she is, but she’s fiesty and will bark loud when you tell her no. But she’s also a mad cuddler 🙂

THREE // My 2018 goals are going well. I feel like there are many little things here and there I wanna do, but the big one has been to be off my phone. So far, so good as I’ve read five books so far this month (whoa) and my job is taking up a lot of my would-be scrolling time. I’m also enjoying using cleaner, non-toxic products and I’m hoping to share a round-up post next month!

FOUR // Cam and I want to go somewhere for Spring Break and we are leaning towards Boston! I’ve been once…Cam has never been. I’m already looking into doing more local + hidden gem things, and I’d love to focus on cool libraries, art spots, and I want all the yummy healthy food. Please send any recommendations for Boston/Cambridge our way!

FIVE // I am wanting to cook a meal for my family and I once every other week this semester. My first meal I made for us was this peanut stir fry from Ambitious Kitchen! (Love her recipes.) I didn’t love that I decided to use creamy coconut peanut butter instead of powdered peanut butter…it was super peanuty, haha. Oh well! But everyone liked it, so no worries. Next I’d love to try potato olive stuffed peppers  or zucchini lemon shrimp pasta!

SIX // I have resumed weekly coffee dates with friends. Right after my birthday, I got coffee with Alana. We went to the same high school, but she was one grade older than me. (She and Cam had some mutual friends!) We have SO much in common and both have a love for veggies, smiling, and coffee. Who wants to get coffee next week?! Heehee.

SEVEN // I shared my chronic pain tips to Instagram recently because I’d been getting a lot of questions. Most inquiries are about essential oils, so hopefully one day I can do a big round-up post on that. I am still learning and growing my collection, but I do believe that peppermint oil is a lifesaver for my headaches. I also love my Doterra breathe stick! It’s a natural Vick’s vapor rub, but I use it like icy hot. I also love Tiger Balm and Arnicare gel for sore muscles. I do epsom salt baths about twice a week, do massages every other week if I can, and do lots of hot showers and stretching! If you have a question regarding chronic pain or migraines, leave it below…maybe we can do a big post soon!

EIGHT // My latest favorite thing is to take myself on a solo working lunch to Whole Foods to get a brown box meal! I love the options they have at the hot bar. I usually do spinach + beets + some kind of root veggie to make a big salad and then add something fun like hummus for a perfect meal. And Cam and I have been going for dinner sometimes, too! Their turmeric roasted sweet potatoes…oh man! Delish.

NINE // I’m LOVING my job at Med Meg. LOVING. Like I get so excited to go in and sad when I have to leave. Haha!


ELEVEN // I totally freaked when I went to the Zoe’s by my mom’s house with her and my sis and they got RID OF THE VEGGIE KABOBS. But rest assured – it was just that location. The two locations by my house downtown still have the veggie kabobs! But it got me thinking – I need to find other good places with good mediterranean food…and just other good food options in general! I had Local Foods a couple weeks ago (best chopped Asian salad I’ve ever had) and Cam and I also love Pondicheri for Indian!

TWELVE // Here are some things I wanna make next month! February confuses me because it’s devoted to Valentine’s Day, but I don’t really like sugar cookies or conversation hearts, so how about some warm, veggie-centric dishes after my own heart? This spaghetti squash casserole sounds simple, a spicy chickpea lentil burger would be fun, I’d love to give vegan carrot cake a go, and I’d love to make some nut-free and dairy-free pesto to top my work lunches!

THIRTEEN // My favorite book this month was The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin. My favorite Instagram account was @ourgreenhaus for the best wellness tips, I started reading all the “mornings with” posts on The Chalkboard Mag for wellness tips, and I am listening to the Greatest Showman album nonstop and re-discovering my love for Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago”.

Let me know what you’ve been up to and what you’ve been loving in the comments below.